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Wire forms

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    Newcomb Spring manufactures magazine springs, as well as magazine catch springs, for a variety of applications and for many mission critical functions. We produce magazine springs on high-speed equipment using the latest quality-control technologies. Our state-of-the-art operations allow us to rapidly produce custom magazine springs with strict compliance to specifications. We also offer advanced quality controls for orders with highly-exact requirements. Magazine springs often function near the sold height, and understanding the requirements of how these springs function is critical in their production. Our experienced spring engineers can provide design assistance to advise on special considerations, functionality and to lower magazine spring manufacturing costs. Magazine Spring Materials Many customers request magazine springs manufactured using 17-7 stainless steel, though we are also able to utilize a wide variety of standard and specialty materials. Many of our magazine springs undergo secondary processes, such as heat-treating or stress relieving, to improve part lifespan and performance.
    • 5408 Panola Industrial Blvd Decatur

    Double Torsion Spring
    Different sizes of wire can be bent and stamped into varies shapes to serve multiple industrial applications. i.e. paint hook, sign frame, assembly frame, display rack, container support, fastener clip
    • 1365 Mid-Way Blvd. Unit #17 Mississauga

    • Jl. Dharmahusada Utara 37 Kota Surabaya

    Wire Form Design & Prototyping Recent advances in CNC manufacturing technology have significantly lowered the cost of creating prototypes of complex wire form parts. The Newcomb engineering staff gladly assists customers with part design, and we often produce wire form prototypes to help make sure components will fit spatial requirements. Modern prototypes often can be changed and reproduced in minutes, saving time, lowering costs and avoiding design errors. The extensive variety of equipment we utilize to produce stampings, strip forms and flat springs, combined with our use of form tools, allows Newcomb Spring to create complex shapes as well as produce die sets that can be used for cutting, etching, extruding, notching, swedging, stamping and more. Our facilities also offer primary and secondary operation departments, which work to produce short-order flat form components of short-order flat forms. Whenever possible, metal stampings and flat springs should be designed to bend against the grain of material (i.e. perpendicular to the grain) to improve life expectancy and reduce the risk of fracturing.
    • 5408 Panola Industrial Blvd Decatur