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Pipa Gorong Gorong / Gelombang (Multi Plate Superspan -horizontal ellipse)


 are commonly used for service tunnels, single lane vehicular or railway underpasses.

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Multi Plate super span

Spesifikasi Produk

SUPER-PLATE structures are long span structures, similar to the SUPER-SPAN, but with basic plate material consisting of aluminum rather than steel. These structures add both thrust beams and reinforcing ribs to conventional aluminum structural plate to achieve larger sizes. Available shapes include low and high profile arch and horizontal ellipses.


Our structural plate systems, includingBridgeCor, MULTI-PLATE, Aluminum Structural Plate and SUPER-SPAN, are used frequently throughout the nation's infrastructure because of its light weight, durability and ease of installation. Structures can be pre-assembled on-site and lifted into place or assembled in place without the need for heavy or specialized equipment.

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