Submerged Arc welding ( SAW )


Submerged arc welding.

       Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a process that melts and joins metals by heating them with an arc established between a consumable wire electrode and the metals, with the arc being shielded by a molten slag and granular flux, as shown in lateral figure. This process differs from the arc welding processes discussed so far in that the arc is submerged and thus invisible.The flux is supplied from a hopper lateral figure (a), which travels with the torch. No shielding gas is needed because the molten metal is separated from the air by the molten slag and granular flux figure (b). Direct-current electrode positive is most often used. However, at very high welding currents (e.g., above 900A) AC is preferred in order to minimize arc blow. Arc blow is caused by the electromagnetic (Lorentz) force as a result of the interaction between the electric current itself and the magnetic field it induces.

Figure: Submerged arc welding:

(a) overall process (b) welding area enlarged

Advantages and Disadvantages

The protecting and refining action of the slag helps produce clean welds in SAW. Since the arc is submerged, spatter and heat losses to the surrounding air are eliminated even at high welding currents. Both alloying elements and metal powders can be added to the granular flux to control the weld metal composition and increase the deposition rate, respectively. Using two or more electrodes in tandem further increases the deposition rate. Because of its high deposition rate, workpieces much thicker than that in GTAW and GMAW can be welded by SAW. However, the relatively large volumes of molten slag and metal pool often limit SAW to flat-position welding and circumferential welding (of pipes). The relatively high heat input can reduce the weld quality and increase distortions.


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