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Friction Welding ( FW )


        The friction welding is one of the solid state welding process, where weld joint is made by heating is created from mechanically induced sliding motion between rubbing surface in under pressure.

Friction welding principle:

        In this welding process the fusion is produced by rotating one of the weld parts to be joined against the fixed surface of the other part. Until fusion temperature is obtained in weld parts the rotation of rotating parts will be in high speed and under low pressure. Large amount of pressure will be applied in until both weld parts are welded.

Schematic diagram of friction welding

Friction welding advantages:


It requires less time operation. Operational hazardous is less. The characteristic changing of granular structure is less. The weld joint may have not heat treated again. It has no need of flux, filler. So it is free of smoke, spatter and slag. Simplicity of operation. Power requirement is less. Friction welding applications:



Friction welding applications:


Drill, tap, reamer etc. joining with shank. To joining of steering shaft and worm gear, engine valves, power transmission shaft etc. To production of bimetallic shaft joining. To produce a bimetallic fastener which is used in nuclear plant.


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