Cold Welding ( CW )


Cold welding

         The cold welding process is performed in solid state, where metal joint is produced in the room temperature and also under of mechanical pressure. The joint is made without of filler rod.

        A specially designed die is used for restricting or controlling the deformation of weld parts. The pressure is applied by manually or with power driven. The amount of pressure is applied on three factor-

Nature of surface area of die. Thickness of the metal. Characteristic of material.


Cold welding materials:

Cold welding process is most suitable for welding of non-ferrous metals.


Aluminium and its alloys. Aluminium to copper. Copper to its alloys. Silver to copper or its alloys. Copper to nickel. Nickel to iron.





During the drawing operation of wires, the broken wires are joined by this welding process.

This welding process is used in electronics industries for joining of small transistors.

It has specific use in welding metals in explosive areas.

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