Carbon Arc Welding ( CAW )

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       Carbon arc welding (CAW) is a process which produces coalescence of metals by heating them with an arc between a nonconsumable carbon (graphite) electrode and the work-piece. It was the first arc-welding process ever developed but is not used for many applications today, having been replaced by twin-carbon-arc welding and other variations. The purpose of arc welding is to form a bond between separate metals. In carbon-arc welding a carbon electrode is used to produce an electric arc between the electrode and the materials being bonded. This arc produces extreme temperatures in excess of 3,000°C. At this temperature the separate metals form a bond and become welded together.

dvantages of Carbon Arc Welding:

  • Low cost of equipment and welding operation;
  • The process is easily automated;
  • Low distortion of work piece.


Disadvantages of Carbon Arc Welding:

  • Unstable quality of the weld (porosity);
  • Carbon of electrode contaminates weld material with carbides.


       Carbon Arc Welding has been replaced by Tungsten Inert Gas Arc Welding (TIG, GTAW) in many applications.

      Modification of Carbone Arc Welding is Twin Carbon Electrode Arc Welding, utilizing arc struck between two carbon electrodes.

      Work piece is not a part of welding electric circuit in Twin Carbon Electrode Arc Welding, therefore the welding torch may be moved from one work piece to other without extinguishing the arc.


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