Lem Perekat Besi Jenis Silikon (Silicones Type Metal Bonding Adhesives)

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    • Jl Raya Industri No. 88-100 Pasir Gombong Kab. Bekasi

  • HY-E650
    HY-E650 is with the all the advantage of rtv-2 condensation cure silicone rubber, but is also featured with lower shrinkage and low viscosity, good fluidity; Without releasing any by-product with low molecular weight, and it's cured from top to bottom, from the inside and outside simultaneously, so it will be deeply-cured. The E sereise addition cure silicone will not meet the problem of degradation or sticky molds because of the existence of by-product of small molecules under certain conditions, (such as closed, high temperature).it's very suitable for all kinds of mold with a variety of sizes, shapes and large sized plaster, cement,ect molds making.
    • JL Kebayoran Lama no 23 Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat