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Epoxy Primer Paint

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  • HEMPADUR 15590
    HEMPADUR 15590 is a two-component epoxy primer coating especially for use on surfaces exposed to severe abrasion.
    Area of use
    As a blast primer for heavy duty epoxy systems on submersed and none-submersed areas according to specification. For use at temperatures of 5°C/41°F, preferably 10°C/50°F or higher.
    • Jl Raya Sultan Agung Km 27 Pondok Ungu Kota Bekasi
    • +62 21 8843385
    • +62 21 8840820

  • SIMA EE PRIMER 1207 - 00
     An epoxy ester based primer, pigmented with red lead. 
     - Durable intemperate and tropical climates resistant to moderately industrial 
    - Resistant against aggressive fumes in the petroleum and related industries 
     Use for weather exposed surfaces in marine and industrial environments 
    • Jl. Landbouw 1, Jagorawi Kab. Bogor

  • SIMAZINC EP PRIMER 1402 - 00
     Two component zinc rich polyamide cured epoxy primer   PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS 
    - Refer to requirements of SSPC Paint 29 
    - Fast drying 
    - Good abrasion and corrosion resistance 
    - Formulated as a shop primer and system primer for wide various top coat 
    - Easy to apply both by spray or brush 
    • Jl. Landbouw 1, Jagorawi Kab. Bogor