Polyamide adduct cured Epoxy Paint

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  • HEMPADUR 15570
    HEMPADUR 15570 is a two component, polyamide-adduct cured epoxy paint, which cures to a strong and highly corrosion resistant coating, at temperatures down to -10°C/14°F. The Micaceous Iron Oxide pigmented light grey 12430 quality is also well suited for application under humid conditions, on dam. Area of use
    As a maintenance and repair primer, intermediate, and/or finishing coat in HEMPADUR systems in severely corrosive environment. As a finishing coat where a cosmetic appearance is of less importance.
    As a low temperature curing epoxy primer, intermediate, and/or finishing coat in paint systems accor.
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    Carbomastic 94 is a high performance, surface tolerant, high build, corrosion resistant epoxy mastic. It has outstanding adhesion to metal substrates and most aged coatings and offers maximum protection against severe weather conditions, corrosion, moisture penetration and general industrial environments. It wets and penetrates firm rust and tight crevices and resists further rust deterioration. Use it on tank exteriors, structural steel, piping, process equipment, bridges & water towers. Carbomastic 94 may also be used on barges, vessels and other marine applications.
    • Menara 1 Sentra Kelapa Gading, 7fl Room 706, Jl. Bulevard Kelapa Gading LA3 No.1 Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara

    Carboguard 60 is a high solids, versatile corrosion resistant coating. It can be used as a primer, intermediate coat, or self-priming finish over steel or inorganic zinc primers. May be topcoated with itself, or a broad variety of high performance finish coats. This product has excellent wetting properties giving it the capability of going over marginally prepared substrates. It is ideal for maintenance and fabrication shop applications. An optional Glass Flake (GF) additive or micaceous iron oxide (MiO) additive can be purchased separately and may be used to enhance film strength for more abusive applications for severe marine or heavy industrial uses. See separate data sheets.
    • Menara 1 Sentra Kelapa Gading, 7fl Room 706, Jl. Bulevard Kelapa Gading LA3 No.1 Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara