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    Duraclean A Plus is an ultra premium grade,100% pure acrylic. It provides an easy to clean function that leaves no stain after cleaning. It makes an air indoor quality the best by Air Detoxify technology, which gives odorless and disposal of formaldehyde in air indoor. Moreover it gives long life prevention of bacteria over color coating with no harmful side effect to human being. Excellent fungus prevention with advance technology of Nearly Zero V.O.C.( Volatile Organic Compound ) It is highly recommended for children room , hospital, kindergarten, restaurant and hallway, etc Air Quality plus for indoor living A+ result from French Emission test (The safest level) A better choice for people with asthma and allergy Advance technology, the best interior paint from TOA
    • APL Tower Unit T5,Lanai 17.JI. S.Parman Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat

    Octagon Exterior adalah cat tembok emulsi khusus diformulasikan untuk bertahan lama dalam iklim tropis yang keras dan cuaca ekstrim. Octagon Exterior memberikan ketahanan, perlindungan warna dan penangkal panas yang luar biasa. Cocok untuk digunakan pada beton, papan plester, serat, langit-langit atau kayu.
    • Jl. Joho No.6, Gedangan Sidoarjo Kab. Sidoarjo

    TOA NanoClean Silk Touch was formulated with Protective Hybrid Technology that combines Nano Fluoro Carbon and Nano Silver Ion. A smooth surface of Fluoro Carbon paint contains stain repellant property plus easy to remove stain function. TOA NanoClean Silk Touch contains Silver Ion (silver Ag+) which protects the paint film from bacteria and no harmful side effect to human. TOA NanoClean Silk Touch provides smooth and shining film with bright colour. It is ideal for application to interior concretes, new and old masonry surfaces, plasters, bricks, asbestos shingles and siding. It is highly recommended for long lasting protection of building and housing. 7 Years Warranty. Luxury semi-gloss finish. Smooth and shining film with bright color. Excellent washability. Excellent anti-bacteria with Nano Silver. Low odour.
    • APL Tower Unit T5,Lanai 17.JI. S.Parman Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat