Ladle Refining Furnace


A Ladle Furnace is used to relieve the primary melter of most secondary refiningoperations, and its primary functions are:>> Reheating of liquid steel through electric power conducted by graphite electrodes>> Homogenization of steel temperature and chemistry through inert gas stirring>> Formation of a slag layer that protects refractory from arc damage, concentrates and transfers heat to the liquid steel, trap inclusions and metal oxides, and provide the means for desulphurization.

Spesifikasi Produk


Model: Bridge. Nominal capacity: 40 tons. Water-cooling cover and bunch water-cooling cable are used. Near by the LF, there set argo


>> Alloy additions to provide bulk or trim chemical control>> Cored wire addition for trimming or morphology control>> Provide a means for deep desulphurization>> Provide a means for dephosphorization>> Act as a buffer for down stream steelmaking equipmen

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