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Waterjet Cutting

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    The Hydrocut LX is a CNC shape-cutting machine that easily combines waterjet with other cutting and marking processes such as plasma cutting, plasma marking, oxy-fuel cutting, ink-jet marking or drilling The machine uses a patented combination of thermal and non-thermal processes operating on the same gantry to cut with the high accuracy of waterjet where needed, but employs the high speed and low cost of plasma whenever possible. By combining waterjet and plasma on the same machine, both tools can be used on the same parts. High-precision contours can be cut with waterjet, while non-critical contours can be cut with plasma. Parts that are suited for the waterjet-plasma combination can be cut in a fraction of the time. The Hydrocut LX is a heavy-duty gantry with a high-stiffness beam design featuring dual-precision linear rails and precision rack and pinion drives. It covers large working areas and full size sheets. Equipped with the latest in waterjet cutting technology, the Hydrocut LX features KMT’s 90,000 PSI capability for increased cutting speed and reduced abrasive consumption. For precision plasma cutting, the machine can be equipped with ESAB’s m3 Plasma® system to optimise cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium using the most advanced gas control system in the industry, fully automated by the machine control.  The Hydrocut LX is equipped with ESAB’s Vision® T5 touch-screen CNC featuring an integrated process-control database that makes process setup quick and easy.
    • Jl Pulogadung 45 Kaw Industri Pulogadung Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur
    • +62 21 4600188
    • +62 21 4612929
    • Jl Prof Dr Latumenten No 10 Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat
    • 62215631149
    • 62215631151
    • No.9-2 North Shanghua Industrial Zone,Lecong Town, Shunde District Foshan City
    • +86 757 28104282
    • +86 757 28104231
    WARDJets R-4014 is a workhorse that allows multiple, large sheets of material to be loaded and cut at the same time. For example, three 4' x 12' sheets, or two 6' x 12' sheets could easily be loaded and cut simultaneously with 2 or 3 cutting heads. It is also easy to extend the 12' to 20', 30' or 40' of cutting length by adding additional rail to the X-axis at any stage. This will prove beneficial as your demand for waterjet production grows. All R-Series waterjets use the same crossbeam used on the Z-Series systems, allowing multiple carriages and cutting heads to be placed at any position on the table quickly and easily. Also, by having an extra foot of space on our crossbeam beyond the standard 12' of travel, we have created room for a second Z carriage to be parked when not in use, while still allowing the remaining head to have a full 12' of travel. Loading and unloading the R-Series is simple and practical as the entire carriage moves out of the way, leaving the stand-alone tank fully accessible from 3 sides. Hence it is just as easy to load from the front or back of the tank, again contributing to the flexibility the R-Series offers. The R-4014 comes with all the fantastic features that are standard with any R-Series machine, including the freedom to choose which type or combination of grating and clamping system you want from our options. The chart below is used as a sample for all of the R-Series machines. The cutting envelope and the footprint for the gantry will vary based on the length you select. Following are the statistics for a standard R-4014 machine: The R-Series standard sizes are:
    R-1214, R-2014, R-3014, R-4014, R-129, R-209, R-309, R-409
    • 180 South Ave. PO Box 517 Tallmadge
    • 330
    • 330
    The Vi-Stream Waterjet Liner Cutting System combines the fastest, most accurate liner-cutting technology with Vicon's exceptional engineering and software development capabilities to produce huge volumes of liner including but not limited to Armaflex® and K-Flex® insulation. This table is able to handle any type of liner and is offered with a standard 5’ x 10’ cutting area. Optional table sizes include 5’ x 20’, 6' x 10' and 6' x 20'. Aluminum gantry contributes to high speed liner cutting capability with fast and accurate cornering and positioning Size options of 5’ x 10’ to 6’ x 20’ cutting area The table is constructed of a one-piece steel frame and has a tapered water basin with an operator accessible clean out A special porous bed of water jet bricks provides a long-lasting and firm table cutting surface. It also disperses the high pressure jet stream and allows fast drainage. Rugged drives are sized for minimizing system wear and tear while providing peek performance Traversing speed up to 2,000 inches per minute Dual rack and pinion drives provide uniform and accurate motion in the X and Y axis The cutting head uses a position sensor to maintain proper working height. It lets the operator know when the height is correct by a LED indicator A high pressure gauge located at eye level allows easy pressure monitoring for the table operator In the X axis, an oversized 1" dual rack and pinion linear-drive provides machine longevity and durability Our high pressure line runs overhead from the intensifier and maintains a low-profile design that will fit under an 8’ ceiling All high pressure lines are supported by double isolation mounts The clock spring design eliminates the need for swivel joints in the high pressure line. This greatly reduces the amount of maintenance needed for leakage problems. Swivels at the flex points would require more maintenance due to water leakage. This machine can cut various types of liner including but not limited to Armaflex® and K-Flex® insulation
    • 1180 Mason Circle North Pevely, MO -
    • +636 349 8999
    • +636 326 2097
    This combination CNC 5-axis mill (up to 20 hp and 26,000 rpm) and 5-axis waterjet system is built to easily handle all those larger applications where waterjet cutting and CNC machining are required on the same part. With 5' (1.5m) of Z-travel standard, 13' or 20' (4m or 6m) cross beam, unlimited length, and built for multiple cutting heads and Z-carriages, the G-Series is ideal for aerospace, nuclear, wind, and heavy engineering applications. Unique to the G-Series is the ability to cut the full 5' depth vertically up the side of a wall without fouling the Z-carriage body.
    • 180 South Ave. PO Box 517 Tallmadge
    • 330
    • 330
    We adopt the famous NAIKY controlling system and MITSUBISHI AC servo digit driving system and AC servo motor. - 17”LCD liquid crystal display - DNC on-line working function - Functions of returning arbitrary point, bending, and circular arc working auto deceleration. - Function of cutting figure imitation display. - 80GB memory hard disk - MITSUBISHI AC servo driver and motor. -1GB memory card - Multilingual function(Chinese English ,etc.,) - Drive-by-wire and hand-hold controller,(according to requests)
    1.1.3Chief technical parameter - structure:Fly arm - size(X×Y):1600mm´2600mm - X-axis:1500mm - Y-axis:2500mm - Z-axis:150mm - repeatability:0.025mm - X,Y speed:0-15m/min - cutting accuracy:±0.1mm power:380VAC, 50Hz , 3 phase 4 wire system (can be customized) 1.1.4Transmission system - We adopt HIWIN (Taiwan) lead rail and gear rack to ensure accuracy durable and quality. 1.1.5Prevention system - Over travel auto spacing function and soft spacing function - Unique prevention design: new mazy protection and z-axis totally enclosed professional design prevent sand and water from eroding the guide screw and lead rail. 1.1.6Lubrication system - We adopt auto mass lubrication system to make oil reach every oil site on time and also make table steadier and easier. 1.1.7 Chief technical parameter - Max pressure:380MPa - Max flow rate: 3.7l/min - Power:30KW/40HP - Power:380VAC, 50Hz ,3 phase
    • Industry Zone, Tianshun Road, Yangshan Town, Huishan Dist Wuxi
    • +86 510 83138570
    • +86 510 83138530
    "Water Jet Cutter NC" is a device that cuts soft, flat surface materials into optional shapes by using a water jet only.
    There are two types to choose from, a table movement type and a nozzle movement type to match the shape of the object. Stroke
    X-axis: Max.2,500 mm (table movement)
    Y-axis: Max.1,600 mm (nozzle movement type)
    Z-axis: 200 mm (nozzle movement) Suitable for cutting small, light objects. Simultaneous movement of the nozzles and the catcher units receiving the water jets results in reduced water splash, reduced noise and easy maintenance.
    • 2410 Hongo, Uozu City Uozu City
    • +81
    • +81
    The series BP-C high pressure water jet cutting machine have been developed for their great versatility, ease of installation and transportation; they are designed to deal with the most demanding cutting tasks and offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio This range of water jet cutting machine can be directly installed by the client himself without the need for installation or pre-assembly by a specialist technician.  Thus, the client can set up the water jet cutting machine quickly and easily. The TCI Cutting BP-C high pressure water jet cutting machines ensure a functional, precise and profitable installation suitable for all standard applications.  Maximum performance for minimum investment and maintenance
    • Calle colan, 113 46610 guadassuar Valencia
    • +34 962 572290
    • +34 96 2570394
    This water jet cutting system produces captive cut-outs in the sheet and is equipped with an "Open-catcher" recovery system. Twin X-axis drive motors provide short acceleration/Deceleration times while maintaining high-speed operation and high dimensional accuracy. The optional abrasive recovery system helps to reduce the open catcher cleaning frequency. A Twin cutting head specification (Option) which cuts two identical shapes at the same time is available.
    • Ko-58 Mameda-Honmachi Kanazawa
    • +81 76 262 1615
    • +81 76 223 1795