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Waterjet Cutting Machine

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    The Hydrocut LX is a CNC shape-cutting machine that easily combines waterjet with other cutting and marking processes such as plasma cutting, plasma marking, oxy-fuel cutting, ink-jet marking or drilling The machine uses a patented combination of thermal and non-thermal processes operating on the same gantry to cut with the high accuracy of waterjet where needed, but employs the high speed and low cost of plasma whenever possible. By combining waterjet and plasma on the same machine, both tools can be used on the same parts. High-precision contours can be cut with waterjet, while non-critical contours can be cut with plasma. Parts that are suited for the waterjet-plasma combination can be cut in a fraction of the time. The Hydrocut LX is a heavy-duty gantry with a high-stiffness beam design featuring dual-precision linear rails and precision rack and pinion drives. It covers large working areas and full size sheets. Equipped with the latest in waterjet cutting technology, the Hydrocut LX features KMT’s 90,000 PSI capability for increased cutting speed and reduced abrasive consumption. For precision plasma cutting, the machine can be equipped with ESAB’s m3 Plasma® system to optimise cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium using the most advanced gas control system in the industry, fully automated by the machine control.  The Hydrocut LX is equipped with ESAB’s Vision® T5 touch-screen CNC featuring an integrated process-control database that makes process setup quick and easy.
    • Jl Pulogadung 45 Kaw Industri Pulogadung Kota Adm. Jakarta Timur
    • +62 21 4600188
    • +62 21 4612929
    • Jl Prof Dr Latumenten No 10 Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat
    Technical Specification of Water Jet Cutting Table X1520: - Structure: Bridge type - Cutting heads: 1 cutting heads  - Size(X×Y):1600mm*2100m - X-axis: 1500mm - Y-axis: 2000mm - Z-axis: 150mm - Repeatability: 0.025mm - X, Y speed: 0-15m/min  - Controlling accuracy:±0.01mm - Cutting accuracy:±0.1mm
    • No.3 Changfa Road, Yangshan Town Wuxi City
    Water jet cutting system producing captive cut-outs in the sheet is equipped with synchronized infeed and discharge conveyors for sheet feed. Responsive abrasive supply system provides full cutting performance on start-up, drastically reducing piercing and cutting time. Automatic operation is provided by the in-line conveyors at the front and back of the machine. The large 230kg capacity abrasive hopper allows extended periods of operation. By producing captive cut-outs this system is suited for cutting delicate materials and shapes.
    • Ko-58 Mameda-Honmachi Kanazawa
    The series BP-C high pressure water jet cutting machine have been developed for their great versatility, ease of installation and transportation; they are designed to deal with the most demanding cutting tasks and offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio This range of water jet cutting machine can be directly installed by the client himself without the need for installation or pre-assembly by a specialist technician.  Thus, the client can set up the water jet cutting machine quickly and easily. The TCI Cutting BP-C high pressure water jet cutting machines ensure a functional, precise and profitable installation suitable for all standard applications.  Maximum performance for minimum investment and maintenance
    • Calle colan, 113 46610 guadassuar Valencia
    1. Be applicable for the classic cantilever structure, easily load and unload materials. 2. Can realize the vertical or inclined cutting: The cutting axis can be manually adjusted to 10 degrees with simple operation. 3. It can rotate around the Z-axis continuously with a 10 degree maximum inclination angle. 4. Four-axis waterjet cutting head specially designed for the stone industry. It adopts optimized structural design with small size, light weight, and can be installed in flying-arm and gantry waterjet cutting machine. 5. There’s so that the customers can easily set the needed angle with angle scale on the cutting head. It can significantly improve the cutting efficient for the building material industry such as stone, ceramic, glass. 6. It can especially eliminate the complicate procedure of secondary grinding on the marble procession in decoration and parquet art industry, It also improves the processing quality and speed as well as the vertical incision precision in the glass and metal field.
    • Rm. 3-2-607, No. 101, Huayuan Road, Licheng Dist Jinan
    High-pressure MultiCam WaterJet machining systems offer unique advantages over other cutting technologies. When combined with our EZ Control system, waterjets are able to cut virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy and without heat. The MultiCam WaterJet line comes in three strategic frame styles — all powered by KMT high-pressure waterjet intensifiers. MultiCam is proud to partner exclusively with KMT, the global leader in waterjet cutting technology.
    • 1025 West Royal Lane DFW Airport, Texas 75261 Dallas
    TCI high pressure, waterjet machinery for precise cutting of all materials including steels, aluminium, marble, glass, plastics and other non ferrous materials. Complex contour cutting is easily input through a simple interface or by importing CAD files. 3D cutting can be easily performed using the TCI unique 5 axis cutting head that uses direct drive motors with infinite loop so that there is no need to "unwind" the head for abrasive cutting applications. A 2.5D dynamic head is available for jet lag compensation and kerf taper compensation. Most TCI water jet machines are extendable in size so that they can be configured to the exact requirements and budget for your application. Prosaw water jets have a robust, heavy duty construction with long life stainless steel tanks. A precision, rack and pinion drive system, provides high speed positioning of the cutting head at a rate of one metre per second with increased reliability.
    • Telford Way Kettering Northamptonshire NN16 8UN -
    This combination CNC 5-axis mill (up to 20 hp and 26,000 rpm) and 5-axis waterjet system is built to easily handle all those larger applications where waterjet cutting and CNC machining are required on the same part. With 5' (1.5m) of Z-travel standard, 13' or 20' (4m or 6m) cross beam, unlimited length, and built for multiple cutting heads and Z-carriages, the G-Series is ideal for aerospace, nuclear, wind, and heavy engineering applications. Unique to the G-Series is the ability to cut the full 5' depth vertically up the side of a wall without fouling the Z-carriage body.
    • 180 South Ave. PO Box 517 Tallmadge
    • No.9-2 North Shanghua Industrial Zone,Lecong Town, Shunde District Foshan City
    SIN-W1530 CNC Water jet Cutting Machine  Features:  1) Advanced in technology  2) Excellent performance  3) High accurate CNC cutting table
    SIN-W1530 water jet cutting machine‘s equipment • CE standard • Twenty items of patent • High rigidity structure and double motor drive for Y-axis • Heavy-duty support, drive smoothly • Professional CNC system for high precision control • Double cutting heads option
    • NO.2 Industry road,High-Tech Zone Jinan city
    "Water Jet Cutter KATANA" is a device that can cut the shape of any soft material with a flat surface.
    It utilizes the 3-axis machining center control, making high-precision machining possible. ■Stroke
       X-axis: 350 mm (nozzle movement)
       Y-axis: 250 mm (nozzle movement) 
       Z-axis: 250 mm (nozzle movement)
    • 2410 Hongo, Uozu City Uozu City
    "Water Jet Cutter NC" is a device that cuts soft, flat surface materials into optional shapes by using a water jet only.
    There are two types to choose from, a table movement type and a nozzle movement type to match the shape of the object. Stroke
    X-axis: Max.2,500 mm (table movement)
    Y-axis: Max.1,600 mm (nozzle movement type)
    Z-axis: 200 mm (nozzle movement) Suitable for cutting small, light objects. Simultaneous movement of the nozzles and the catcher units receiving the water jets results in reduced water splash, reduced noise and easy maintenance.
    • 2410 Hongo, Uozu City Uozu City
    Robust and flexible, the BP-M series of high pressure water jet cutting machines combines the advantages of the standard series with the added bonus of the additional strength which our clients require to meet the demands of cutting thick and large surface materials. The modular construction of these water cutting machine facilitates transportation and offers the client optimum flexibility, permitting future amplification to the cutting system with the addition of new modules, as second cutting head or a new bridge with more heads.  The possibilities of enhancement of the water cutting machine are infinite, simply by adapting the configuration to the requirements of the client.  In this way, we ensure efficiency in the present as well as in the future. And this is why TCI Cutting has developed the BP-M series of high pressure water jet cutting machines.
    • Calle colan, 113 46610 guadassuar Valencia
    Abrasive water jet machine for precision cutting of various materials with multiple cutting heads. MACHINE FEATURES High precision rack and pinion drive Protected drives on all axes Size to suit customer requirements Pumps to suit customers specifications Multi torch cutting available Automated setting of cutting parameters
    • P O Box 302-608 North Harbour 30 Triton Drive, Albany
    Aliko water jet cutting systems represent the newest technology in the industry. ALIKO CNC control system offers a wide variety of features for easy operation such as cut correction, reversing operation, fine adjustment of speed, and simulated cutting. The efficiency of the system is also improved by virtually unlimited program length and a possibility to save cutting parameters for later use.
    • Hyllilänkuja 3 33730 Tampere
    • 1025 West Royal Lane DFW Airport, Texas 75261 Dallas
    Advantages of Waterjet Cutting
    No heat affected zones,dust or fumes No tool sharpening Low tangential Force on part Small cutting width (Kerf) Good cutting quality High speed cuts in many materials Cad/Cam Systems Environmentally safe High cutting speed  
    • PLOT NO. 168, ROAD NO. 4 AHMEDABAD - 382430
    • 11-C, International Trade Business Center, Jingjiang, Taizhou, Jiangsu Jiangsu