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    • Jl. Pakin No. 2 A-B Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
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    • Jl. Pakin No. 2 A-B Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
    • 62216696061
    • 62216682176
    Advantageous : For Busbar 120 x 12 mm
    With a universal work cylinder it is possible to easily bend busbar 120 x 12 mm and by inserting a punch it is possible to make round holes from 6.6 to 21.5 mm, also oval holes up to 21.5 mm     Bending Busbars Operating Suggestion For bending operation, the bending die is inserted into the hydraulic piston and the electric angle reader is set into the round guide groove of the counter block The contact cable is connected to the electric  motor  Adjust the required angle with the set screw. We recommend to adjust 1º to 3º above the required angle as cooper springs back The first bending angle produced should be carefully checked. This bending angle can be reproduced as often as required because the bending process is interrupted by the electric contact switch as soon as the angle has been reached   Punching Busbars Operating Suggestion
    The punch with the Neoprene stripper and a suitable die are inserted in the mounting hole The punch is held by headless screw on the side  The machining block can be continuously raised or lowered hydraulically using the hand-wheel in accordance with the busbar width and the required hole layout A counter fixed on the hand-wheel indicates the height of the hole centre in mm We recommend marking the busbar with subsequent adjusting of the center pin to these marks, which given an exact hole picture The Neoprene stripper and a built-in electric sensor assure an automatic return of the punch
    • Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 141 Blok II No. C 4-5 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat
    • +62 21 6008460
    • +62 21 6244405
    Mechanical Three Rollers Symmetrical Bending Machine    Model W11-20x3200   ☆ Usage:    Three Rollers Bending Machine is mainly used for bending plate sheet metals, can be processed plate sheet into a variety of workpieces with Cylindrical, arcs, and a range of Cylindrical cone shape.   ☆ Technical Specifications:   No. Specifications Model W11-20x3200 1 Max. Bending Plate Thickness 20mm 2 Max. Bending Plate Width 3200mm 3 Min. Rolling Diameter at Full Load Φ1000mm 4 Yield Limit of Plate ≤245 MPa 5 Top Roller’s Diameter Φ370mm 6 Bottom Rollers’ Diameter Φ270mm 7 Center Distance Between Two Bottom Rollers 480mm 8 Supporting Roller One Group (4pcs) 9 Main Transmission Motor Power 22 kw   ☆ Machine Structure   The machine's two bottom rollers are driving rollers, the rotation is achieved by the motor driven reducer rotation; Top roller is driven roller, the rotation is achieved by the drive of friction between plate and every rollers. Through friction movement of bottom rollers to achieve rolling, when discharging, overturned device manually controls overturned and erected. Top roller's lifting and two bottom rollers rotation are mechanically driven. Shaft nose of the Rollers two ends is SF-2 composite sliding bearing. The bending machine's electrical system is centralized controlled, its structure is simple, reliable, compact, light weight, smooth operation, low noise, and it is very convenient to process workpieces.   The machine is composed of working unit, the main transmission unit, top roller’s lifting unit, electrical control unit and others.Should Your Excellency need more information for other Models, please send us your inquiry. We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory at any time. No wait, please order now! Skype: susancql Mobile: 0086-15954782100 (What'sapp) GTalk: E-mail:;   ; Website:   Thanks and Best Regards,   Ms. Susan Marketing director JINAN PERFECT MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD
    CNC Shipbuilding Plate Bending Machine   Our main products are CNC Machine, CNC Drilling Machine, CNC Punching Machine, Shearing Machine, press brakes, bending machine, Straightening Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, C and Z roll forming machine, CNC angle line for marking, shearing and punching; CNC hydraulic plate punching and drilling machine; CNC beam drilling machine; CNC gantry type drilling machine; High speed CNC drilling machine for tube sheet; CNC drilling machine for tube sheet; CNC angle punching and marking machine; CNC angle drilling and marking machine; CNC flange drilling machine; Shearing machine; Band sawing machine; Beveling machine, straightening machine, hydraulic marking machine, hydraulic press and so on.   Sincerely Welcome customers in and out China to visit our company for business and investment,   Skype:            susancql   What'sapp:    0086-15954782100  (Mobile) GTalk:   Email:    Website: MSN:       Thanks&Best Regards, JINAN PERFECT MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD
    Precision of the superior products Unique crooked craft , the high-accuracy tip is curved in advance, the crooked angle after not having in succession, the crooked course is digital control. Man-machine dialogue controls the high-efficient intelligence of interfaces to operate Peculiar crooked craft software, the interactive window, the automatic compensation of the crooked course, operate singly, high-efficient and safe and convenient! Abundant crooked form Have rolls of form to make O type, U type, many sections of R ,etc. different forms. Choice of many models According to the use or users’ enquiry, count and show the model economily, TC numerical control model chooses. 
    • No. 8, Nanxin Road, Chengdong Town, Hai Nantong
    The hydraulic bending press T40 Chamaleon is provided with a lateral axis with the special ring rolling equipment for bending process. Here are the main features of the bending press:
    • Viale dell Thiene
    To roll a given diameter on our four-roll is extremely simple.  You introduce plate into the roll touching it off to the opposing outboard roll for quick and accurate squaring of plate. You then raise lower central pinch roll and the plate is locked into position with no possibility of slipping.  After this you back plate up to near tangent point of central rolls, then raise the left or right outboard roll to the correct position to achieve your diameter and begin rolling. When the back edge gets close, simply release the left outboard roll and bring up the right outboard roll until it touches the plate and finish the pipe in one pass. MG is safer, faster, easier to operate ! Because the plate is automatically squared and always pinched and not released until the pipe is complete, the net result is that our four-roll requires less positioning and much less experience on the operator’s part. Our plate bending machines can work for many years without maintenance, thanks to the well-known strength of our hydraulic and planetary systems. Special manual distributors and valves allow us to have infinite variable speeds on all movements. Cone bending ? Try MG ! The only machine capable of bending a cone properly is the MG four-roll machine. The reason is this: the four-roll (lower central pinch roll) can be inclined in a negative attitude and is also capable of adjusting the force at which it pinches which allows the roll to grip the cone only on the large diameter which needs to turn faster and only with enough force to turn the part. This allows the small diameter to be slowed down more easily.  To sum it up, rolling cones properly absolutely requires a lower central pinch roll (fourth roll) capable of a negative inclination and adjustable pinch pressure. MG four-roll machines have this capability.
    • Via Ceresolia, 20 Fossano
    • Rm.1402,1409-1411,No.1 TianBaoHuaTing Building,Rd.SiPing 775 Shanghai
      These are the SERTOM 4 rolls hydraulic plate rolls.  This machine is extremely robust and the main feature is the side rolls movement on rectilinear guides.  Thanks to the extreme rigidness of the frame, together with the precise movements given by the state of the art electronic system, the maximum precision is assured during both pre-bending and bending operations.  All the operations of the machine are leaded by a latest generation of PLC and on customer request, is available a very modern and friendly user CNC.  
    • Via Enrico Mattei 16/b Collebeato
    • Libao Industrial Park Haian County Nantong City
    This machine is NC control four rollers rolling machine. The main parts are the reversal side, upper roller, lower roller, side rollers, frame structure part, driving part, basis part, transducer part, electric part, hydraulic part, etc Upper roller is the main driving roller, lower roller and side rollers are the driven rollers The two sides of the rollers are supported by the self-aligning bearing. The left side of the upper roller is installed to reversal side and the right side is installed to the fixed side, firmly in position, only has the rotary motion no ascending or descending motion. The bearing box of the lower roller and side rollers are insert the guide channel of the right frame and left frame, the to-and-fro movement of the double-action single piston road oil cylinder can let the two sides of the lower roller and side rollers descend or ascend along the guide channel. The descending and ascending displacement is NC controlled, auto-levelling, the displacement is showed on the LCD, the synchronous accuracy is 0.2mm. The reversal side is on the left side of the upper roller, reverse the reversal side to take out the finished working piece, there is balance equipment on the right side of the upper roller to keep the balance force when the reversal side is reversing. The cylinders, which let the lower roller and side rollers descend or ascend, are insert the  guide channel. The right frame and left frame connected by the tie-beam are equipped on the whole welded basis to build up a strong frame structure; it can help to improve the strength and rigidity. The main driving part is installed right of the right frame The machine adopt the centralized control system, the synchronization of the descending/ascending  movements are adjusted by hydraulic system and electric system to keep the synchronous accuracy.  The real time position value of the two sides of the lower roller and side rollers will be separately showed on the LCD.
    • No.118 Southwest Road Libao Town Hai
    The DPBH-3 hydraulic bending rolls are of the pyramid style with all three rolls hydraulically driven. The models with roll diameters up to 300mm are fitted with the type A shaft design with orbital action for up and down translation. The machines will roll diameters from 320mm to 550mm are equipped with the type B shaft design with linear action for up and down translation. All models have hydraulic drop end and are supplied with DRO to indicate roll position"
    • Common Road Ind Est Stafford ST16 3DR -
    Four roll plate rolls are faster and more accurate than three roll machines. They are also safer and easier to operate because the plate is securely held in place between the top and bottom rolls. The side rolls move vertically to create the bend
    • 2895 South 300 West Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City
    Plate bending machine latest construction technology fully hydraulic operated. One of the most advanced configuration applicable in the roll bending , can be equipped with CNC programmable controller for automatic plate rolling. Several features worth available with the 4 rolls: -Immediate accurate plate alignement into the machine, -Adjustable pinching to optimize the pre-bending of the plate ends, -One time rolling cycle to achieve the final product. Quality construction Made in Italy featured with the best hydraulic solutions, simple servicing and reduced maintenance requirement. Elliptical shaped rolling and multi-radius plate bending can be achieved with accuracy controlled through the programmable CNC. Rolling of plates in stainless steel, boiler steel, aluminum, hardox, weldox, alucobond, dbond, special alloy.
    • Via 1 maggio 2a, Longiano
    The PBM series 3 Roll Pyramid Type Mechanical Plate bending are designed to cater the basic requirements of bending & forming of metal plates. In this machine, the bottom rolls are driven by electric motor & gear box. The upper roll is having manual up & down adjustment to achieve desired bending radius. This is a very simple & robust design machine suitable for light to medium jobs.
    • 605, Kalasagar-2, Nr. Prernatirth -1, B/h. Jodhpur Gam, Satellite, – 380 015 Ahmedabad
    The structure is upper adjustment style of symmetric plate rolling machine with three rollers, which is a forming machine for rounding, bending and a certain range of cone workpiece. Two down rollers are initiative rollers, while the upper roller is follower. It is wildly used in industries of shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, power generation of water conservancy, chemical, metal configuration and mechanical manufacturing.
    • Zhucun Industrial Area, Guangshan Highway Zengcheng
    • East Town Industrial Zone, Bowang Town, Bowang District Maanshan
    • Room 603, Building B No 188/228 Zhangyang Road,Tanson Centre ,Building B,Pudong District Shanghai
    Four roller rolling machine Description 4roller plate rolling machine is mainly used for producing wind turbine towers. As a patented product of our company, this rolling equipment is developed by introducing foreign technology and  combing the characteristics of domestic products . Its main structure consists of upper roll, bottom roll, side roll, main drive device, right and left supporting structure and seat. Featuring high efficiency,  low energy and easy operation, its performance is superior to equivalent domestic products. The 4roller plate bending machine conforms to the latest standards for modern rolling equipment and it is result of a technological development over many years. Super mainly provides hydraulic and CNC four roller plate rolling machines. Our company is one of the best four roller bending machine  manufacturers on the market today. characteristics 1. 4-roller plate rolling machine has double-end pre-bending function 2.the bending process id much safer and more reliable than other types of rolling equipmenr. 3.for the clamping force to plate between upper roll and bottom roll, the corresponding force can be adjusted by regulating valve in hydraulic station, according to different thickness and width of plates. 4. the bottom roll of this 4-roller plate bending machine lifts vertically. It can realize asymmetric bending. 5. the upper and the bottom rolls of this rolling equipment work as the main drive. 6. there are side rolls on both sides of upper and bottom rolls, the side roll makes arc lift along with axes of bottom roll. When side roll moves upward, the bending plate will be bent and formed.
    • Yingbin road 118, Haian Nantong City