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    The HAEUSLER VRM type  machine is a universally useable four roller bedning machine with linear hydraulic roll movement of side and bottom rolls.
    It can be used to roll tubes, tube segments, rounded boxes, ovals or other shapes.
    The following basic operations can be used:
    Pre-bending of sheet edges Rounding of sheets into cylindrical shapes Cone bending Press bending for even and uneven radii Calibrating for minimization of radius variations in a welded tube
    • Duggingen Baselstrasse 21 Duggingen

    The machine adopts a 3-rollers symmetrical structure with the upper roller moving vertically in the center between the two lower rollers, which is achieved through the drive of the screw, the screw, the nut, the worm and the lead screw. The two lower rollers rotates and provides the plate materials with torque through the engagement to the output gear of the moderator with the gear of the lower rollers. The disadvantage of the machine is that the ends of the plate materials need to have the help from other equipment for pre-bending.
    • No. 1187 AKESU Road, Jiading District Shanghai

    Curve down three roller coiling machine performance characteristics : Three roll are active roll , two roll around the rotation center for the next arc movement, to overcome the coil when the slipping phenomenon. Active power for the hydraulic motor drive , roll down the series parked next cylinder drive , easy to operate , can overload protection . Have to bend function , a second material can be made of the required volume curve , cylindrical , conical workpiece .
    • No. 8, Nanxin Road, Chengdong Town, Hai Nantong

    • Room 1105, 11F, No 18 Sec 1, Chang an E. Rd Jhongshan Distric Taipei

    • Oekensestraat 120 - (Belgium) Rumbeke

    W12K CNC4-roller bending machine,the rising and faling of bottom and side rollers are mechanical driven and leveling automatically controlled by PLC.the synchronization precision by PLC contrlo,top roller is drven by mechanial gear box, several motors drive top roller to rotate respectively after interfow via several epicyrclic redution gear and the upending and restoring and restoring of up ender body is driven by motors. The machine is of high technlogy,multi-function,high precision,covenient to operation.which is the ideal large and middle plate bending equipmtnt at present.
    This machine is NC control four rollers rolling machine. The main parts are the reversal side, upper roller, lower roller, side rollers, frame structure part, driving part, basis part, transducer part, electric part, hydraulic part, etc Upper roller is the main driving roller, lower roller and side rollers are the driven rollers The two sides of the rollers are supported by the self-aligning bearing. The left side of the upper roller is installed to reversal side and the right side is installed to the fixed side, firmly in position, only has the rotary motion no ascending or descending motion. The bearing box of the lower roller and side rollers are insert the guide channel of the right frame and left frame, the to-and-fro movement of the double-action single piston road oil cylinder can let the two sides of the lower roller and side rollers descend or ascend along the guide channel. The descending and ascending displacement is NC controlled, auto-levelling, the displacement is showed on the LCD, the synchronous accuracy is 0.2mm. The reversal side is on the left side of the upper roller, reverse the reversal side to take out the finished working piece, there is balance equipment on the right side of the upper roller to keep the balance force when the reversal side is reversing. The cylinders, which let the lower roller and side rollers descend or ascend, are insert the  guide channel. The right frame and left frame connected by the tie-beam are equipped on the whole welded basis to build up a strong frame structure; it can help to improve the strength and rigidity. The main driving part is installed right of the right frame The machine adopt the centralized control system, the synchronization of the descending/ascending  movements are adjusted by hydraulic system and electric system to keep the synchronous accuracy.  The real time position value of the two sides of the lower roller and side rollers will be separately showed on the LCD.
    • Hacıseyfettin mh. Mucellettin Sk. No:6 Bursa

    The structure is upper adjustment style of symmetric plate rolling machine with three rollers, which is a forming machine for rounding, bending and a certain range of cone workpiece. Two down rollers are initiative rollers, while the upper roller is follower. It is wildly used in industries of shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, power generation of water conservancy, chemical, metal configuration and mechanical manufacturing.
    • Zhucun Industrial Area, Guangshan Highway Zengcheng

    12mm metal plate mechanical rolling machine W11-12*2000 1.Mechanical rolling 2.Siemens motor,Schneider electric system 3.With solid rolls 4.With cover for motor 5.Bend 12mm thick 2000mm width plate
    • Induatrial Park in Bowang Special Economic Zone, Ma Anhui

    Plate roll bending machine with great power, designed and engineered to guarantee the best performances in all kind of roll bending. Specially featured for the HEAVY DUTY, The 3 rolls are powered driven individual, providing the total torque trasmission to the plate being formed, removing the slippage effect. The side rolls are powered as well with independent movement to perform the pre-bending of both ends without removing the plate from the machine. Very heavy bending capacity on all kind of plate strength. Quality construction Made in Italy featured with the best hydraulic solutions very easy for servicing and reduced maintenance requirement. Complete set of accessories on board the machine for cylindrical and conical plate rolling.  Extremely large opening between the rolls suitable for feeding and bending symmetric profiles onboard the rollers into the machine or with extended shafts.
    • Via 1 maggio 2a, Longiano

    ROUNDO machines are always more powerful and more heavily proportioned in terms of frame, roll size, bearings and drive torque than machines from other suppliers. The result is higher reliability, higher precision and longer service life. The ROUNDO PS rolls are the most versatile yet cost-effective bending rolls available today, with plate thicknesses 1 - 100 mm and widths 500 - 8000 mm. All machines have unique features needed for high precision and versility. The pinch/pyramid design provides excellent prebending capabilities, In many case the flat end is as short as one time the plate thickness. Prebending of both ends of the plate without the need to remove, turn and re-insert the plate. Yet, by positioning the rolls in the pyramid (symmetric) configuration, maximum bending capacity can be obtained, as well as maximum cone bending capabilities. The ROUNDO PS rolls provide a large opening between the upper and the lower rolls, permitting heavy bars and even such unusual items as stair stringers for spiral staircases to be rolled. Versatility can be further expanded by the addition of attachments to roll flat bar on edge and on many models angle iron, T-bar, channel pipe and other sections. RLC controls and a wide range of options are available for all models.
    Plate Rolling Machine Rolling Machine  
    • Fengxi Road, Meicun Economic Development Area Wuxi

    We bring forth 3 Hydro Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine (single Pinch) that is designed with perfection thus provide high performance. It is suitable for handling heavy jobs with lower diameter requirements. The job is fed to carry out pre-pinching on one end. After pre-pinching, it is taken out and again fed from other end to carry out pre pinching on second end. Then an entire shell is rolled to desired bend radius & machine both ends. 
    • Plot No: 5210, Phase IV, Opp. Ramol Police Chowkey, GIDC,Vatva Ahmedabad

    - Economic for first investment - Easy maintenance, reliable structure - Operate friendly, one stroke complete all the   processes
    Performance characteristics: W11 series full mechanical symmetrical three-roller plate type of general equipment is specially used for sheet metal bending forming, the machine of the roller under the conditions of the two active roller, motor, deceleration machine mechanical drive to rotate the two bottom rollers. For passive roller roller, roller on lifting for mechanical transmission, through the motor, gear reducer, worm and worm gear to achieve. One multi-functional three-roller plate straight body side is equipped with special mould, with functions of profile bending, the machine of all the action by electric centralized control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, is an economic, simple, and practical volume board equipment. 
    • Honglan Town Industrial Concentration Park, Lishui County Nanjing

    The RIMI 4RP K models are new designed machine, capable of obtaining bent plates, cones or polycentric pipes.
    The characteristic of the RIMI 4RP K consists on the planetary movement of the bending rolls around a shaft, while approaching to the top roll.
    The rotating movement of the bending rolls is obtained by two couples of hydraulic cylinders, connected to the rolls by means of conrods.
    The machine is completely hydraulically driven.
    The rolls are driven in rotation by a group made up by HYDRAULIC MOTOR AND PLANETARY REDUCTION GEAR, connected on the motor shaft of the transmission planetary system.
    The transmission planetary system is located in the big frame, and it drives the top roll by means of a chain transmission.
    The top is directly driven by another group, made up by HYDRAULIC MOTOR AND PLATENARY REDUCTION GEAR, that automatically modifies its speed, according to the different working conditions, up to being automatically excluded in the plate feed-in.
    The parallelism of the bending rolls in relation to the top roll is given by a particular hydraulic system.
    The bending rolls can also approach to the top roll in an unparallel position, in order to work cones. The parallelism is quick and easy to be adjusted.
    The end product can be taken out by dropping the support (drop-end), driven by an hydraulic cylinder, directly from the control desk.
    The RIMI 4RP K can be put inside a complete Numerical Controlled production cycle, and it may be equipped with automatic feed-in and vertical or side supports.
    Furthermore, the machine can also be realised in the VERTICAL version and in the VERTICAL-HORIZONTAL version, when it is employed in a yard. In that case it can be easily modified according to the specific production needs.
    • Via Enrico Mattei 16/b Collebeato