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    Sertom has designed a full range of machines, composed of three utensils, for the production of various flanged bottoms - a press with fixed frame and cylinder, a hydraulic manipulator and a flanging machine. Starting from a flat round plate, the first two work machines work synchronously to form the bottom, with varying radius according to need. Flanging commences once the contouring phase is over, which means that a special machine forms the bottom coupling flange with the tank.
    • Via Enrico Mattei 16/b Collebeato
    DISHED HEADS / DISHED ENDS MACHINES POWER AND PRECISION The machine frame built of high strength materials by Mig welding. The frame welded and stress relieved prior to machining in order to meet tight manufacturing tolerances for appropriate assembling and maintenance.
    • Via dell artigianato n. 30 S.Albano Stura
    Ercolina’s EFB220 uniformly cold forms a variety of materials including stainless, steel, copper and aluminum to 90° flanges in tubes 20 to 220 millimeter diameter with maximum wall thickness of 5 mm thick. The innovative forming process uses a series of double conical tools to avoid swelling and deforming the flange. Greater accuracy with minimum deformation results in less post-forming operations and higher productivity. The EFB220 is equipped with a PLC control with 5.7″ touch screen to easily control settings and machine operation.
    • Loc, Annunziata snc Piedimonte S. Germano
    If your current manufacturing process requires you to weld rolled angles on to the ends of your tubes to produce a flanged tube, Blue Valley Machine & Manufacturing can save you time and money. Since 1965, Blue Valley has been building a specialty machine that is used widely by tube axial fan manufacturers and a variety of other industries that require a fabricated, flanged tube in their product line. The Blue Valley Tube Flanger is easy to operate and, for example, will create a flange on the ends of a 30" (760 mm) diameter tube in 3 to 4 minutes. A clean and precise flange on one or both ends of the tube has a neater, cleaner appearance...the sign of a superior quality finished product. The standard Blue Valley Tube Flanger will flange one or both ends, individually, of prepared tubes in a range of sizes, from 15" (380 mm) up to 60" (1525 mm) in diameter. A 12" (300 mm) minimum diameter capacity is a factory installed option at time of purchase. Tube lengths, from 8" (205 mm) up to 60" (1525 mm) can be flanged with standard length upper channels. Tube thickness, from 1/16" (1.5mm) to 1/4"(6mm) can be flanged from mild steel. Other materials such as aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel are also suitable for use in the Blue Valley Tube Flanger. Flange heights are primarily determined by the diameter of the tube, a good rule of thumb is 7 to 8 percent of the diameter equals the maximum height of flange before the tube will distort. A material that is high in ductility will also be beneficial. A flange height of 2 1/4" (57 mm) is the maximum the machine will allow.
      The electro-welded frame is made of ST 52-3 special steel making the machine robust and solid Shaping Rolls, designed as per the radius requested are made of strenghened, induction hardened steel with uniform 60 HRC hardness Material centralization mechanism moves upwords and downwords or/and forward and backwards by manually While flanging, metarials movement is one way and it is clockwise Hydraulic and electrical control systems are located on the machine Bottom roll group has standard number of rotation Greasing of the machine needs to be done by the operator manually Working pressure of hydraulic system and the movement of hydraulic cylinders are controlled from control panel on the machine Bottom roll is driven, top roll is non-driven Metarial should be drilled from the center in order to be fixed on the machine.  
    • Akçalar Sanayi Bölgesi Naldöken Cad. No: 10 Nilüfer
    Fully hydraulical system working BFM model flanging machine is using tank and boiler bottoms contruction. Machine makes flanging at the end of the circle plate then get the required radiuses.
    The machine frame built of high strength materials by electro welding and stress relieved prior to the machining in order to meet tight manufacturing tolerances for sensitive flanging process. Upper and lower head holder slides on the main body structure for stiffness and lower vibration during flanging. Both upper and lower head holders powered by hydraulic motors for vertical movement and clamps the head by hydraulic cylinders. Knuckle roll is powered by radial piston by hydraulic motors for high speed of rotation and high torque. Flanging roll is powered by three cylinders for vertical and horizontal direction and slides between two main bodies. Both rolls are made of special chemical for long time corrosion resistance Centralised greasing system. Lower supporting rolls are powered by hydraulic cylinders to support the head during flanging. Hydraulic system consist of radial piston pump, oil tank level gauge, filter with impurity signal and worldwide known brands.
    • Akçalar Sanayi Bölgesi Naldöken Cad. No: 10 Nilüfer
    The SF is a range of patented machines to produce flanged and punching cylinders. Almost any flange shape on a product can be produced with SF machines. In addition, they are manufactured more efficiently, resulting in lower costs. They replace both the flange manufacturing (by bending, welding, drilling and turning) and the welding of the flange on to the cylinder. The SF machines have many types of tooling, allowing for different styles of flange, such as grooves for sealing or different styles angels. Another option is producing light angle rings from sheet material. Costs can be reduced by up to half by using SF machines instead of conventionally manufacturing flanged cylinders or pipes. For a 500 mm diameter cylinder and a flange with holes, manufacturing time is less than 10 minutes, producing a very high quality flanged cylinder. Because the cylinder is held in the machine by an expanding unit, the tolerances on the roundness are extremely good.
    • Box 171 SE-281 22 -
    The vast majority of large dished and flanged ends produced in the world today are manufactured with BOLDRINI equipment. BOLDRINI gained the leadership on this market, as heads dished and flanged with BOLDRINI machines can be produced according to worldwide standard specifications with very tight tolerances and perfectly smooth surfaces. The machine design takes into account, simple operation and high productivity. BOLDRINI Flanging Machines are available with capacities in cold forming ranging from 2mm to 80mm, and hot forming up to 200mm: ASME 2:1 elliptical heads up to 8000mm in diameter. The range of special flanging equipment, designed for cone production, has the capability of flanging ends up to 12000mm maximum diameter on the horizontal axis or up to 7000mm length in a tilted position. A BOLDRINI Press and Flanging Machine exceeds twice the maximum capacity of any other manufacturer.
    • Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 29 Milano
    From more than 80 years we are building metal forming machines having as a main goal the best customer satisfaction. Today, more than ever, research, development and design are aiming at the production of long term reliable flanging machines with the highest performances also under heavy loads. The PARMIGIANI FM – hy hydraulic flanging machines design combines a solid frame with the most updated technological innovation so as to respond to the highest productivity standards and the most stringed tolerances in working precision.
    • via Sesto, 44 Cremona