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CNC Lathe

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    • Jl. Pakin No. 2 A-B Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
    • 62216696061
    • 62216682176

    • No. 149-1, Jhusen Village Tongluo Township

    CNC/Manual Toolroom Lathe; 16" x 29" (406 x 737 mm) max capacity, 16" (406 mm) swing, 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) vector drive, 2000 rpm, A2-5 spindle, Intuitive Programming System, 1 MB program memory, memory lock keyswitch, 15" color LCD monitor and USB port. No workholding, toolpost or toolholders included. Enclosure required for CE compliance.
    • 2800 Sturgis Rd., Oxnard Oxnard

    Office Lathe; 1" (25 mm) bar, 4.95" (126 mm) swing over table, 12" x 8" (305 x 203 mm) travels (xz), 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) 6000 rpm, 5C collet spindle, auto air collet closer, C axis, spindle orientation, 1 MB program memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 12- month warranty. 195-254 VAC 50-60Hz, 20A, single-phase power only, with NEMA L6-20P plug. Includes 2 each 3/4" bore toolholder blocks (3 ID bores per block or 6 total), 2 each 5/8", 1/2", 3/8" to 3/4" bushings.
    • 2800 Sturgis Rd., Oxnard Oxnard

     Feature higher accuracy Taiwan HWIN linear guideway higher speed 4000rpm spindle unite  higher rigidity cast iron integrated automatic lubrication system USAGE This CNC lathe is suitable for top process various small and middle-size shaft and plate work piece,  could turn various threads, circle arc, circle cone,inside and outside surface of revolved body, widely  used in sanitary, valve, electric appliance, instrument, automobile, motor-circle, bearing and so on. STANDARD ACCESSORIES GSK980TDC or Siemens 808d NC system invertor motor 5.5kw  4-station gang type tool post spring collet automatic integrated lubrication system  coolant system lighten system
    DL-20MHSY LATHE is produced by using 4 axis ganged and semi-closed loop control lathe which is equipped with REXROTH MTX CNC system. The lathe adopts the whole inclined machine bed. It has the quality of high rigidity of the structure designation, high efficiency of low noise, high speed spindle and automatic oil system. The whole closed protection and coolant system provide the lathe more safe working environment. The lathe is well done and looks artistic which is widely used in defense industry enterprise, aviation and space industry and auto motor industry and so on.
    • No 14, Northeast Street, Development Zone Dalian

    • No. 70, Chuangye Street, High-Tech Zone taian

    • Bohong industrial park,Songyanwang village,Gulin town,Yinzhou district Ningbo

    This machine is an economical CNC lathe controlled by a micro computer and driven by servo  motors.It is suitable for turning cylindrical and taper faces,boring,grooving and cutting threads  (including taper threads). The machine adopts ISO International Code,Keyboard Manual Data input,and it is also provided  with program of power cutoff protection and functions of automatic diagnosis,and with RS232  interface. Longitudinal and cross feeds are effected by ball leadscrews driven by servo motors. Either gang tool post or 4-way automatic tool post can be selected. Both chuck and tailstock are available with hydraulic or manual or pneumatic type. Infinitely variable speed change for spindle. 
    • Bohong industrial park,Songyanwang village,Gulin town,Yinzhou district Ningbo

    FANUC 0i-T Controller Max. Swing: 612 mm Max. Length: 1200 / 1170 mm Spindle: A2-8 / A2-11 Chuck size: 10 / 12 / 15 inch Bar capacity: 75 / 90 / 105 mm Hydraulic turret / Power turret
    • No.31, Fenggong Central Rd., Shengang Dist Taichung City

    • High capacity cartridge spindle with four bearings. • Premium heavy-duty linear guideways provides traverse rates of 1181 ipm. • Quick hydraulic tool turret with tool-to-tool change time of 0.3 seconds. • Ballscrews are anchored at both ends and ball nuts are pre-tensioned
    • No. 41 Alley 68 Lane 357 Sec. 1 Sinan Rd, Wuri Dist Taichung City

    The ergonomic design ensures that the DZ40 CNC is particularly easy to use and requires very short set-up times. 

    The CNC precision lathe for high productivity applications in production, tool making and research institutes as well as in apprenticeships and vocational training. 

    High quality, energy-efficient, precise and universally usable. 
    It impresses through:
    • State-of-the-art control and drive technology
    • Straight-forward operating and programming
    • Extreme accuracy
    • Durability
    • User-friendly ergonomics
    • Extremely small footprint
    • and an extensive range of accessories
    • Friedrich K. Eisler Straße 1 D-91448 Emskirchen

  • CNC LATHE TCC-2000
    TCC-2000 is a compact machine having small width and requiring minimized installation space, nevertheless it supports 8” chuck.
    1.The lathe contains mechatronics design. The design has beautiful exterior, and mature product mix. It is easy to be operated, so that one worker can operate multiple lathes at the same time. 2.The lathe bed are made of heavy casting. It have went through at least twice aging quality tests and ultrasonic frequency 
    • No. 999, Chunteng East Road, Economic Development Zone Tengzhou

    Summit® SmartCut II Series Flatbed CNC Lathes were designed for growing machine shops that are evolving from manual lathe to CNC operations. These revolutionary machines combine the precision performance of a full CNC lathe and the affordability of a manual lathe. Summit SmartCut II Series Flatbed CNC Lathes balance CNC controls with hand wheels for manual turning, providing maximum convenience and economy. They include an innovative self-teaching controller feature that stores machining sequences from manually produced parts for future reproduction. The combination of control features and hand wheels makes Summit SmartCut II Series Flatbed CNC Lathes ideal as single machines for one-off or prototype production, in semi-automatic mode for small production lots and in fully automatic mode for medium length production runs.
    High rigidities structure design: with whole casting shape and wide capacity section, the machine has nice absorption of shock and rigidity High efficiency and low noise: under the work of A.C servo wide area motor and high efficient V type belt straight transmission, the problems caused by the gear box moving can be avoided. Main spindles with high speed and high rigidity: designed with NSK high precision bearing groups, proper pretightening force and the best span support, the main spindle have high rigidity and high speed. Reliable knife rests: equipped with Taiwan high precision hydraulic tool post, the machine has good reliability and nice location accuracy. Vertical & horizontal drive with high precision and speed: with THK ball screw and straight guide way, the machine can work in high precision, nice location accuracy, high efficiency and fast speed. Precise hydraulic tailstocks: ensure an accurate center shaft. Automatic concentrated lubrication systems: provide continued and efficient lubrication for the guide way and ball screw.
    • No 14, Northeast Street, Development Zone Dalian

    • 1310, Yuanda Building, No. 360, Changshou Rd., Putuo Dist Shanghai

    In the year 1992, Electronica Started manufacturing its own Retro Fitting of Lathe Machines with Controller known as ELCON-5. The controller manufactured and Designed by Electronica itself. The new bee attracted good customers in the region with a sale of around 100 machines. Electronica started its own full fledge manufacturing facility for CNC Lathe at Bangalore and Pune. An improved technology in Lathe machines gave birth to Super Elturn Model. Subsequently two new variants of the model were introduced in the market- Super Elturn 16 and Super Elturn 20. Around 500 machines were placed in the market. As per the Demand of the industry ELTURN 200 SL and ELTURN 16 were re-launched in the year 2010.
    • Elektra Chambers, 44, Mukund Nagar, Pune Pune