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CNC Lathe

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    • Jl. Pakin No. 2 A-B Kota Adm. Jakarta Utara
    • 62216696061
    • 62216682176
    • Ruko Pulogadung Trade Centre Blok 8A no.22 Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 21, Kawasan Industri JIEP Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur
    • Ruko Pulogadung Trade Centre Blok 8A no.22 Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 21, Kawasan Industri JIEP Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur
    • Jl. Bandengan Utara No. 83/31 Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara
    This machine is an economical CNC lathe controlled by a micro computer and driven by servo  motors.It is suitable for turning cylindrical and taper faces,boring,grooving and cutting threads  (including taper threads). The machine adopts ISO International Code,Keyboard Manual Data input,and it is also provided  with program of power cutoff protection and functions of automatic diagnosis,and with RS232  interface. Longitudinal and cross feeds are effected by ball leadscrews driven by servo motors. Either gang tool post or 4-way automatic tool post can be selected. Both chuck and tailstock are available with hydraulic or manual or pneumatic type. Infinitely variable speed change for spindle. 
    • Bohong industrial park,Songyanwang village,Gulin town,Yinzhou district Ningbo
    • High capacity cartridge spindle with four bearings. • Premium heavy-duty linear guideways provides traverse rates of 1181 ipm. • Quick hydraulic tool turret with tool-to-tool change time of 0.3 seconds. • Ballscrews are anchored at both ends and ball nuts are pre-tensioned
    • No. 41 Alley 68 Lane 357 Sec. 1 Sinan Rd, Wuri Dist Taichung City
    • No. 149-1, Jhusen Village Tongluo Township
    FANUC 0i-T Controller Max. Swing: 612 mm Max. Length: 1200 / 1170 mm Spindle: A2-8 / A2-11 Chuck size: 10 / 12 / 15 inch Bar capacity: 75 / 90 / 105 mm Hydraulic turret / Power turret
    • No.31, Fenggong Central Rd., Shengang Dist Taichung City
    • No. 70, Chuangye Street, High-Tech Zone taian
    --The high precision lathe, designed for
     small and medium part machining, has
     a full box-way design and a high rigidi-
     ty saddle structure, This not only en-
     sures high performance in heavy duty
     cutting and finishing, but increases
    --The power turret and C axis are avail-
     able for the needs of multi-task mach-
     ining that extends the machine function
     . This achieves on each single work-
     piece, thus shortens overall production
    • No.3, Luke 3rd RD., Luzhu Dist Luzhu Dist