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CNC Vertical Lathe

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    The compact design of the YV series provides advantages such as space saving and high rigidity for excellent accuracy.

    The versatile and flexible design greatly improves loading and unloading processes to ensure accurate work-piece location. 8 station turret and gang type tool holders are available to meet specific production requirements.

    Vertical Turning Lathes are equipped with C-axis (V.D.I turret) for drilling and tapping operations in addition to turning operation.
    • No.92, Huanqiu Rd.,Zhuyuan Vil., Luzhu Dist
  • CNC VERTICAL LATHE HEAVY DUTY TKV-760 / 760M / 900 / 900M
    Spindle orientation Hydraulic 3-jaw solid chuck, cylinder & soft jaw x 1 set (For TKV-760, TKV-900 series) Hydraulic power unit Electric torque limitation Foot switch for hydraulic chuck Automatic lubrication system Coolant system through tool holder to inserts (3 bar) Coolant flushing system with tank Protection door Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet Full enclosed splash guard Work light Warning light ( R / Y / G ) Workpiece counter Chain type chip conveyor & chip trolley Manual of operation & maintenance Manual of electrical & hydraulic circuit diagram Manual for controller Tool box with tool kits Leveling bolts & pads
    • No.72, Alley 7, Lane 98, 1st Road, Taichung Industry Park Taichung City
    • Mechanical and electrical industrial zone Yuhuan
    The lathe is suitable for high-speed steel, hard alloy and ceramic cutting tool, machining inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, groove and plane of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and some non-metallic parts. It can meet different quantity production requirements with high efficiency, stable and reliable precision.
    • No 14, Northeast Street, Development Zone Dalian
    TVL25-S2 --The spindle cover cast-iron part en-
      sures excellent heat dissipation during
      long-term heavy duty cutting. This
      maintains stability and durability
    --Single piece bed enhances vibration
      absorption to keep high rigidity and
      high precision
    --The close proximity of the operator to
      the vertical machine bed design facili-
      tates workpiece loading/unloading,
      tool adjustments and better chip flow
    • No.3, Luke 3rd RD., Luzhu Dist Luzhu Dist
    Standard energy-saving functions Auto Light-OFF
    Turns off the illuminating lamp if the push button is not operated for a certain period of time. Auto Conveyor-OFF
    Stops the chip conveyor or operates it intermittently when a certain period of time elapses after the table stops. Spindle Fan Motor OFF
    Stops the fan motor when a certain period of time elapses after the spindle motor stops. Elimination of hydraulic power unit The constantly rotating hydraulic pump motor has been eliminated to drastically reduce the stand-by power consumption.
    Annual reduction of approximately 2,200 kWh Miniaturization of servomotor A reduction gear has been used for the ball screw drive to miniaturize the servomotor and reduce electric power consumption when each shaft starts and stops.
    30% reduction compared to standard machines Reduction of total power supply capacity Each motor has also been optimized to drastically reduce the total power supply capacity.
    35% reduction compared to standard machines
    • 75 Saso, Shinji-cho, Matsue-shi Matsue-shi
    Yu Shine has developed a variety of lathe machines to meet diverse market demands. The vertical turning lathes made by Yu Shine have multiple capabilities suitable for high rigidity and high precision machining. Spindles powered by servo motor, high rigidity linear guide way and stable rotary hydraulic cylinder are all crucial to constantly advance accuracy and efficiency of a lathe machine; and that is what we keep in mind when making a heavy duty vertical turning center. By offering time- and labor-saving vertical turning lathe at competitive price, Yu Shine is able to provide the optimum solution for our customers from various industries. The features and specifications of CNC ultra performance heavy duty vertical turning centers with C axis VL-ATC+C series / VL-ATC+C+APC series are as below. For further details or help, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Machine bed is made of meehanite cast iron for good rigidity. Chuck headstock with powerful coolant system for efficient chip removal. Easy loading/unloading, suitable for big, heavy, irregular shape workpieces. Maintains the best circularity without inertial ellipse after machining. Solid, heavy duty table face permits close-in fixturing for high-rigidity, vibration free machining. Smallest footprint in its class, offering the best work flow available.
    • No.538, Sioucai Rd., Yangmei City Yangmei City
    TNL-65L -- Direct-drive belt with negligible vibra-
      tion and minimal noise provides excell-
      ent precision machining.
    --Side by side horizontal tool holders
      allow shortest feedrate to minimize
      tool changing time.
    -- When changing workpieces, the ope-
      rator can preset tools and tool holders
      in advance for avoiding idle time on
      setting the machine.
    • No.3, Luke 3rd RD., Luzhu Dist Luzhu Dist
    The V40R vertical lathe increases productivity by providing stable machining of thin and odd-shaped workpieces. The box-type base and column make a highly dependable, highly rigid structure and the headstock with flange construction minimizes the effects of thermal deformation and vibration - ensuring stable accurate cutting. The base is designed for smooth chip flow, and the optional chip conveyor can be placed for side or rear disposal to meet shop requirements. The ergonomical design includes easy access to the chuck and a front-skirt operation panel convenient for up-close jobs in addition to the swiveling pendant operation panel.
    • 11900 Westhall Drive Charlotte
    • Ruko Pulogadung Trade Centre Blok 8A no.22 Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 21, Kawasan Industri JIEP Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur