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Toolroom Lathe

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    Gang-tool system for fastest tool change 70 degree slant-bed chip fall away quickly X-Axis travel 400mm Z-Axis travel 200mm High quality ground ball-screws and linear guides for precision and reliabilty. 3HP spindle motor (5HP ,C-axis positioning optional) Gange Type tooling

    The tool holder are directly mount ont T-slot of sub plate. Linear tool arvangemet reduce the tool change time and toltal cycle time. Gange tool system with tool turret will improve efficiency. Structure

    70 degree slant bed is made for shrinking machine size, acceleration cutting chip decrasing the time of falling shield.axes movement is on precision class LM guideway & Ball screw. Drive to the ball screw is directed by AC server motor with flexble coupling achieving position and repeatability accuracies. Auto lubrication unit lubricates LM Guidewars and ball screws.
    • No. 20, Lane 50, Ming Shen Rd., Shen Kang Dist Taichung

    Heavy duty construction distinguishes the ET Large Capacity Series lathes. Designed for applications where high rigidity is required, these machines can be custom configured for your most demanding applications. Easy to use operator interface allows simple shop floor programming for one-off parts. High performance drives and motors combine with standard G-Code interface allows production to run smoothly and efficiently.
    • Robin Hill Corporate Park 70 Jon Barrett Road Patterson

    Designed by toolmakers for toolmakers, the Fryer Easy Turn Series provides rugged construction and high accuracy in a compact toolroom lathe. The Easy Turn is easier to use than a conventional lathe yet offers the productivity of a CNC. Time consuming manual set-ups for threading, chamfers, and contours are eliminated by the Easy Turn’s handle driven “Do One” cycles and electronic stops.
    • Robin Hill Corporate Park 70 Jon Barrett Road Patterson

    • No. 20, Lane 50, Ming Shen Rd., Shen Kang Dist Taichung

    Heavy duty construction distinguishes Fryer Machine's XL Series lathes provide the ultimate in performance for your large part machining needs. These wide bed (30") heavy duty engine lathes provide incredible capacity to handle the toughest jobs you have. Designed as the heaviest machines in its class, these machines feature centers distances up to 240" and spindle bores up to 16". Innovative features like live tooling, C axis, Y axis, automatic chucks and auto steady rests allow you to customize the machine to best suit your application.
    • Robin Hill Corporate Park 70 Jon Barrett Road Patterson

    CT-1118CNC is the NC upgrade from CTL-618EVS manual toolroom lathe. It keeps the original machine¡¦s durability and elegant exterior while automating it with servos and CNC control. With CT-1118CNC's 2008 redesign, we go even further, the ability to use tailstock and lathe center to perform shaft work is maintained, but more importantly an innovative tool plate design adds the capability to remove the compound tool post and swap in T-slot gang tool slide in its place. The gang tool slide great work with a new complete line-up of tool holders from CYCLEMATIC for gang tool turning. Either traditional lathe tooling setup or gangtool setup are easy to swap out and exchange for the other. Now CT-1118CNC is the ONE CNC toolroom lathe that can bring you TWO different styles of machining capability.
    • No. 20, Lane 50, Ming Shen Rd., Shen Kang Dist Taichung