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Slot Milling Cutters With Paralel shank

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    Magafor manufactures more than 250 product groups of mini cutting and detailed toolings solution in European Union. Magafor micro toolings have specific design for each of your machining applications. Magafor have produced even the smallest drills of 0.40mm diameter micro end-mill which are available in 26 different lengths and designs. Magafor styles, materials and lengths can also be custom ordered to meet varying application within specific machining technique. Magafor Multi-Function 8090 is the ideal tool for machine centers and NC processing machines. It is designed to combine multiple machining processes in order to reduce machine set-up time as well as operating time. The performance is also improved: fine cutting edge, improved deputing and surface finish, micro grain solid carbide, better resistance to wear and greater rigidity, 30° spiral, and facilitates chip removal. Angle 40° – 60° is special for engraving. Besides that, Magafor Multi-Function 8090 is easy to be stored, because there are fewer tools required and less stock required. Magafor Multi-Function 8090 Features: Micro milling capabilities suitable for all direction cut at micron precision for solid block of metal on CNC machinery and miniature metal working. Their reinforced shank offers a greater stability necessary to these high precision tools. Available on various diameter Pointy drill tip with carbide material is a reliably proven solution which provide steady rates of holemaking and reaming. Also available with tipping angle of 30°, 40° and 60° designs for various application.
    • Glodok Plaza Blok F No. 115 Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat

    Maykestag End Mills "Speedcut" - Aluminium are made of new micro-grain-carbide which produces higher toughness, hardness and bending strength. Maykestag manufactures Maykestag End Mills "Speedcut" - Aluminium with the most up-to-date coating technology for your stability and wear resistance. The Maykestag's optimised tool geometry provides higher tool stability (even in unstable working conditions) and a higher surface quality of the material to be machined. Maykestag End Mills "Speedcut" - Aluminium have universal applications on steels of up to approx. 50 HRC: Structural steels, free cutting steels, heat treatable steels, case hardening steels, nitriding steels, tool steels, spring steels, etc. It is possible to perform fine-finishing, finishing, rough finishing and roughing with the same tool. Maykestag End Mills "Speedcut" - Aluminium also offers different spiral angles (35°–38°).
    • Glodok Plaza Blok F No. 115 Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat

    4 Flute End Mill 3mm, HSS Uncoated, Straight Shank- Metric, Centre Cutting
  • ILIX 6040/5 - DRILL RECORD 4 S I
    ILIX 6040/5 - DRILL RECORD 4 S I
    • Glodok Plaza Blok F No. 115 Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat