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Scraper ditarik (Towed Scrapper)


The first mass produced LeTourneau scrapers (known as “Carryalls”) were the ‘J’ series, available in six, eight and 12 cubic yard capacities. However World War II was responsible for the two most popular LeTourneau models – the 11 cubic yard Model LS and the 15 cubic yard Model LP, which both had production runs in the thousands and saw service globally.

The model LS in particular was in continuous production from 1942 right through the sale of the company to Westinghouse Air Brake Co (Wabco) in 1953, and it was not until 1963 that the last example rolled off the production line.

LeTourneau had manufacturing plants in Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi and California plus a very important facility in Rydalmere, Australia, which produced many of the machines supplied to New Zealand.

LeTourneau was a preferred supplier to Caterpillar until 1944 and went on to manufacture well over 40 different models of towed scraper before being sold to Westinghouse.

The revamped LeTourneau-Westinghouse company introduced an entirely new range of towed cable scrapers in 1955: the BT, CT and DT. All were very good scrapers with several model CTs being imported into New Zealand. LeTourneau scrapers saw widespread use throughout the country and the occasional example can still be seen operating – some of them 70 years after they were manufactured.

Spesifikasi Produk

Scraper Capacity: Heaped23.5 yd3 (18 m3)Width - inside of bowl143 in (3632 mm)Empty Weight33620 lb (15250 kg)Hydraulic Services Required - Single Scraper3


towed scraper digunakan untuk memuat, memindahkan, menyebarkan dan membuang material dalam rangka pemeliharaan jalan. dan bisa juga digunakan untuk menggali muatannya sendiri, lalu mengangkut ke tempat yang ditentukan, kemudian muatan itu disebarkan dan diratakan. scraper dapat menggali mengupas permukaan tanah sampai setebal +2,5 mm.

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