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Wheel Loader


A wheel loader is a kind of tractor that consists of a large bucket mounted on the front that is used to scoop up materials. Wheel loaders are known by many different names including front loader, front end loader, skip loader, scoop loader and bucket loader. Wheel loaders are found in several different industries that require dealing with heavy loads. Make sure to read all safety materials that come with your wheel loader.

Spesifikasi Produk

Operation weight 5750kg Length 5820mm Rated power 56kw Height 2830mm Bucket capacity 1.0m3 Width 1900mm Rated load 1.8t Bucket width 1950mm Travelling speeds Forward 1 0-9km/h Dumping Height 2750mm Forward 2 0-22km/h Dumping reach 895mm Reverse 1 0-9km/h Engine model SL4105ABK Reverse 2 0-22km/h Maximum torque ≥221.9N.m Maximum gradeability 30° Rated output 2400r/min Turning angle 35°±1° Promote time of bucket ≤5s Min. turning radius The outer of wheel 4750mm Hydraulic cycle time ≤10s The outer of bucket 5230mm Tires specification 16/70-20 Min. ground clearance 279mm Wheel base 2100mm Breakout force 55KN Tires width 1490mm


Logging and Timber

Wheel loaders are used in the logging and timber industry to move cut logs and stack them in a pile. Instead of a bucket on the front of these devices, the front attachment is replaced with hydraulic grabs which pinch around the wood to secure a stronger grip. The logs are placed on a truck and transferred to a factory or sawmill. These loaders are also used to unload the trucks when the wood arrives at its destination. These wheel loaders are sometimes called log stackers.


A wheel loader can often be seen outside of construction zones as they are frequently used to clean debris or level the ground of a construction area. These loaders remove dirt, building materials and bricks. When given other attachments, however, the wheel loaders can be used for even more applications like grabbing pipes with a pipe fork, stockpiling materials with a high-dump bucket or handling trash with refuse buckets. The versatility of wheel loaders makes them valuable tools in the construction industry.


The farming industry has used wheel loaders for years for various purposes. A wheel loader can move bales of hay that weigh up to half a ton for feeding horses and cattle. Tractors can move large quantities of manure from a pasture to disposal. Seeds, dirt and grain can be moved quickly and easily from one part of a farm to another. Also, land can be cleared or tilled using special attachments for the planting season.

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