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Back Dump Truck


A dump truck (or, UK, dumper truck) is a truck used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. A typical dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted to allow the contents to be deposited on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery. In the UK and Australia the term applies to off-road construction plant only, and the road vehicle is known as a tipper, tipper lorry (UK) or tip truck (AU).

Spesifikasi Produk

Item Specification Drive type 6×4 Cabin HOKA Lengthened Cab, Single Sleeper Wheel base (mm) 3600+1350 Rated Volume (M3) 15 Steering ZF 8098 Transmission HW15710 Engine WD615 / 336 HP / E-Ⅱemission Dimensions(mm) 8214*2490*3280 Tyre 12.00-20 diagonal tyre Lifting type middle lifting Cargo Dimension (mm) 5400×2300×1200,bottom 8mm, side 6mm

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