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Side Dump Trailer


Three axle trailers are popular in states that allow extended gross weights for truck/trailer combinations with more than five axles. The SX3-4234 and SX3-4636 are the most common sizes but the range of tri-axles run from SX3-3734's to SX3-5036's and many sizes in-between. SmithCo works with the customer and his truck specs to determine which length trailer and axle spacing will maximize your payload potential. Drawings with your truck under different length trailers are readily available. The shorter to mid-length trailers tend to be used in everyday construction use while the longer tri-axles fit a more line-haul application.

Spesifikasi Produk

Standard SDI features on all Side Dump trailers:

50° dump angle Lowest center of gravity available 35’ tub made from 6mm Domex-100 Steel Push block with under ride protection bumper Bolt on steel (undercoated) front fenders and Poly rounded rear fenders 5 ½” cylinders Two-way hydraulics (required on tractor) Tarp ready tub Parker 60 Quick Couplers ½” hydraulic hoses Hutch CH9700 Cast Spring Suspension 25,000 lb. uni-mount axles 11R22.5 tires on white steel hub pilots wheels 2-speed landing gear Synthetic grease-sealed hubs LED lights

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Produk terkait

    “Side Dump Tipper Trailer”
    SDT50 & SDT60 High abrasive & tensile steel body Reinforced cross frame for cornering Curved body and door for higher stiffness Double acting cylinder sequencing Capacity : SDT50 = 50m3 (struck volume)
                     SDT60 = 60m3 (struck volume)
    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 22 Kota Adm. Jakarta Timur

    “Side Dump Tipper Semi Trailer”
    All arc welded structure grade 350steel plate (yield strength 350 N/mm2) with consist of rail pipe complete with poly pipe on each rail Body 
    BIS 360 or AR360 or HARDOX400 wear resistant plate (Brinnel Hardness 360 ~ 400) which can change its shape from semi elliptical form -- while it is on travelling -- to a "J" shape while it is on tipping Rubber End  
    High quality natural rubber end which was design for scratch resistance Hydraulic System 
    An open center loop with consists with hydraulic control valve, controlled by pneumatic system, flow divider and 7" diameter bore single stage hydraulic cylinder with the maximum pressure up to 3,000 psi King Pin : JOST 3,5” diameter. Fifth Wheel : JOST (3,5” diameter double oscillating) Landing Gear :  JOST A400T (Two speed, manually  operator, square legs, telescopic heavy duty model) Brake System : Westinghouse-Australia, supply and control, color code liner and automatic slack adjuster Suspension
    Suspension comprising of multi duty leaf springs capable of 20 tonnes Axle  
    20 tonnes axle with fitted to 24" rim, 10 stud bolts Tire and Rim
    14.00 x 24" XGC with 12.00 x 24" tube and 10.00 x 24" rim Greasing System
    Centralized Greasing System Electrical System 
    24 Volt electrical line, combined with stop, tail and clearance light Body Volume 
     -SST35 (35m3) - struck volume
     -SST34A (45m3) - struck volume
     -SST55 (55m3) - struck volume
     -SST74 (74m3) - struck volume
     -SST77 (77m3) - struck volume
    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 22 Kota Adm. Jakarta Timur