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Cone Crusher


Mobile Cone Crushing plant is developed based on different crushing principles and crushing effect of cone crusher and impact crusher, and the feed requirements and the expected size are very different, and as mobile crushing plant in terms of ease of operation, it has the common advantage of YGE series mobile crushing plant and YSF series mobile crushing plant.


(1) Unit and equipment installation integration, the whole coordination strong, layout reasonable and compact, these save time and space for site operation, increase flexibility, while eliminating a lot of space infrastructure, greatly reducing the investment costs.


(2) The unit trailer chassis is higher, the body width is less than operation semi-trailer, and turning radius is small, easy to drive under the environment of rugged poor road in the broken ground.


(3) Cone crusher configured not only has the function of fine crushing, but also directly output mid-fine granularity finished, fully functional, which directly reduces the cost of shipping materials. In addition, longer units can directly transfer the broken material into the transport carriages, to facilitate the timely transportation.


(4) Cone crusher adopts static pressure principle, by the second vibration isolation, equipment vibration is little, more conducive to the implementation of the installation.


(5) The material layer of cone crusher has more efficient, and job stability, also saves much time to a great extent.


(6) Equipment configures flexibility, can be stand-alone group to produce independently, and also be composed of coarse crushing equipment associated with the operation. The diesel generator in unit not only supplies the power to unit, but also supplies targeted power to process system configuration unit, greatly improving the adaptability of the equipment.


(7) Technology is mature, operation and maintenance is easy. Unit configured devices are clear in division, concise, easy to maintain.

Spesifikasi Produk

Specifications: Model YCS160L YHP220L Equipment Configuration Crusher Cs160 Hp220 Belt Type Vibrating Feeder GLD-12×4/15 GLD-15×4/15 Volume of Upper Hopper 5 5 Height of Final Products Receiving 3100 3100 Model of Main Belt Conveyor B1000×9M B1000×9M Genset (Kw) 270 330 Transportation Length (mm) 12500 12500 Transportation Width (mm) 3240 3240 Working Height (mm) 3900 3900 Working Weight (t) 36.2 41.4

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