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Asphalt Mixing Plant


Asphalt mixing plant/AMP (unit produksi campuran beraspal) adalah seperangkat peralatan mekanik dan elektronik dimana agregat dipanaskan, dikeringkan dan dicampur dengan aspal untuk menghasilkan campuran beraspal panas yang memenuhi persyaratan tertentu.


Spesifikasi Produk

1. Bin dingin (cold bins) 2. Pintu pengatur pengeluaran agregat dari bin dingin (cold feed gate) 3. Sistem pemasok agregat dingin (cold elevator) 4. Pengering (dryer) 5. Pengumpul debu (dust collector) 6. Cerobong pembuangan (exhaust stack) 7. Sistem pemasok agregat panas (hot elevator) 8. Unit ayakan panas (hot screening unit) 9. Bin panas (hot bins) 10. Timbangan Agregat (weigh box) 11. Pencampur (mixer atau pugmill) 12. Penyimpanan bahan pengisi (mineral filler storage) 13. Tangki aspal (hot asphalt storage) 14. Sistem penimbangan aspal (aspal weigh bucket)


Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile ini digunakan untuk mengolah aspal dan campurannya dilokasi proyek, Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile ini lebih efisien cara penggunaan dan dapat mengurangi pengeluaran biaya angkut material. Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile disediakan dengan kapasitas kecil yaitu 10-15 ton /jam. Jadi Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile biasanya dipergunakan untuk pekerjaan jalan yang sifatnya tidak besar (proyek kecil).

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Produk terkait

    Bukaka Asphalt Mixing Plant type is planned to process a mixture of aggregate and asphalt (hot mix), with a capacity of 800 kg, 1000 kg and 1200 kg each of the mixing process (mixing circle). The composition of the mixture of aggregate set of four compartment Bins and system scales. Each bin is equipped with Pneumatic Gate.  Filling Aggregate served by Cold Bin, Vibrating Feeder, Lower Conveyor and Conveyor Joint to Dryer. Aggregate of Dryer supplied to Vibrating Screen for size distribution.  Weighing Aggregate, Asphalt and Filler, done according to the composition, Aggregate and Filler Mixer flowed into and simultaneously sprayed asphalt. For ± 30 seconds mixing time, Hot Mix ready poured into dump trucks.  Twin Shaft Mixer unit using Pug mill, rotating counterclockwise through the Spur Gear. Wall Mixer lined with manganese steel liner. Mixer is equipped with a pneumatic operated gate.  AMP unit comes with Dust Collection System Dry or Wet type Dust Collector type (optional).  All the equipment driven by electric motor 380 volt - 3 phase - 50 Hz. Source of electric power supplied from Diesel Generating sets or other electrical source.
    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Narogong Km. 19,5 Kab. Bogor
    • +62 21 8232323
    • +62 21 8231150

    Bukaka Asphalt Patch Mix (BAPM-3) is the mixer Aggregate-Asphalt is Hot Mix with a nominal capacity of 3 products TPH (100 liters each process). It is suitable for pavement repair work, or small sized paving  This equipment represents a breakthrough to meet the needs of hot mix with equipment that is simple, small size and shape, and able to produce a homogeneous mix of hot and fast. The composition of the mixture can be adjusted in accordance with defined specifications. With a compact system, and operation of manual controls and features heating (temperature), this unit becomes more practical, very easy and fast operation with optimal results. Types of rotary drum dryer is designed for drying quickly and optimally. Asphalt tank equipped with heaters to get the temperature of the liquid asphalt. Mixer with integrated single type Pug mill asphalt tank. Power source using the generating sets  The entire piece of equipment unit is placed on a mobile frame and equipped with towing, so the equipment is easy to operate moved from one place to another. BAPM Unit-3 is designed to use a dump truck pulled a small size as well as the aggregate material.
    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Narogong Km. 19,5 Kab. Bogor
    • +62 21 8232323
    • +62 21 8231150

    AMP ( Asphalt Mixer)  Capacity : 3-4 T/ H With Trailer 6 wheels Material Input : Manual by operator
    • Jl.DUPAK RUKUN No.111 Kota Surabaya

    The asphalt mixing plant is the innovation product based on international advanced technology. The products are widely used for advanced road construction and maintenance. The asphalt mixing plant series with a productivity of 30-320 ton/hour, being high automatic intensity, accurate measuring and high dependability is an ideal choice in advanced road construction and maintenance. Its key components such as burning devices and sensors are all name brand products. The control system, adopting the programmable controller and professional engineering computer of Siemens and Main electric parts are the Schneider Brands, can control the weight, stirring and putting material in automatic, semi-automatic and manual ways. The vane, mixing arm and blade are made of wear-resistant cast iron, so they have long performance life. Aggregate, ore power and bitumen are measured alone so as to ensure batching precision and reliability. Hot aggregate and ore power use double-stranded lifting machine with auto-tension system.
    • Ruko Duta Garden Square Blok E No. 21 Jl. Husein Sastranegara Kab. Tangerang

     Our company provides a range of modern stationary asphalt plants for all purpose.Trough years of
    experience our company has developed its unique product program,covering all plant sizes in the
    range of 40-320t/h.Our plants characterizes flexibility,accessibility,performance,a minimum of
    maintenance and easy operation.
        Through 20 years of valuable feedback from our customers,we have accumulated experience and
    knowledge second to none regarding the construction of asphalt plants.This ongoing development
    gives you comfort to choose our asphalt plant now and in the future.
    • Youyi south street Shijiazhuang