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Asphalt Distribution


A transportation spraying vehicle which utilizes the engine exhaust gas, circulating water to heat and melt asphalt is provided with a preheating tube in the asphalt storage tank, the outlet of the preheating tube is connected to the engine exhaust gas through an exhaust brake valve and an exhaust tube to heat asphalt; the asphalt outlet of the asphalt storage tank is connected to a triple valve-asphalt pump-triple valve with an jacketing layer and a universal ball-end and a pipe-sprayer welding with circular water pipe, the outlet of the circular water pipe is connected to an automobile radiator and the engine to heat and melt each pipe of transporting asphalt; the automobile force takeoff box is the power supply of the asphalt pump. The utility model is constant for heating and insulation, with high construction quality; the fuel is saved, and the cost is decreased; the pollution is reduced; the utility model is suitable for asphalt spraying for diversified situation, in particular for roads in urban.

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Technical Characteristics  :  PR 12 Conveyor Length 12.2 mtr Approximate Weight 1.6 Tonnes Belt Width 360 mm Discharge Rate 70 cbm/hr Discharge Height 7.5 mtr Motor 160 cc Controls Hydraulic


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    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Narogong Km. 19,5 Kab. Bogor
    • +62 21 8232323
    • +62 21 8231150

    Bukaka Road Maintenance Truck is one way products unit that is designed to be used / repair the damage that occurred on the highway with a unified way. Aggregate hoper made of steel overlaid with hot mix asphalt insulation to keep the temperature fixed at life. The whole unit is mounted on the top of the components assembled on the vehicle chassis frame Main. To produce results patching / maintenance path is perfect, the unit is equipped with a tool: Hopper Hot mix container lined with insulated wall, Screw conveyor under the Gate Hopper, Heater Asphalt, Asphalt Spraying, Hydraulic Jack Hammer, Roller Compactor equipped with water spray, control panel / board for the operation of the buttons are very simple. These vehicles are designed to meet the operational safety integrated with the operating system and is very easy. vehicles is being protected by a layer of paint Automotive underbody coating and surface preparation using blasting preparation.
    • Jl. Raya Bekasi Narogong Km. 19,5 Kab. Bogor
    • +62 21 8232323
    • +62 21 8231150

    The Concrete Conveyor supplied by SPEEDTHEAM is the ideal product for operators needing to supply ready mix precisely and safely in a 300 deg arc around the conveyor truck. The swinging conveyor allows for pouring in different directions and to fill extended areas of form-work and footings while the truck remains stationary. Other important features of SPEEDTHEAM's Concrete Conveyor include ease of maintenance, versatility, functionality and total reliability.
    • "Layak Bhawan", Boring Canal Road Patna

    Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
    • "Layak Bhawan", Boring Canal Road Patna

    • Bizpark 2 Blok A No. 16, Jl. Penggilingan No. 56 Kota Adm. Jakarta Timur

    Asphalt distributors are used to apply prime or tack coats on a surface in preparation for paving. They are available in either truck mounted or trailer models and are considered the most important piece of equipment on any asphalt surface treatment project. It consists of an insulated tank with a heating system, a spray bar and unique control system. Application of a prime or tack coat by the distributor is an exact science that requires sophisticated equipment to ensure it produces a uniform spray.
    • Ruko Duta Garden Square Blok E No. 21 Jl. Husein Sastranegara Kab. Tangerang

    Bidang Usaha Aspal Drum ini memasarkan aspal drum dalam kemasan 155 kg produksi Pertamina yang diolah di Cilacap dan Gresik
    • Jl. Kramat Raya No.144 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat

    Aspal curah adalah produksi kilang refinery minyak bumi yang menghasilkan BBM, aspal dan produk lainnya. Jaminan ketersediaan aspal, mutu yang terjaga, dan ketepatan kuantitas serta ketepatan waktu pengiriman menjadi andalan Jaya Trade dalam menjaga kepuasan para pelanggannya.
    • Jl. Kramat Raya No.144 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat

    Produk Aspal Kantong (Bag) ini merupakan produk terbaru dari PT Jaya Trade Indonesia di awal tahun 2008. Aspal Kantong (Bag) ini dikemas dengan kantong (bag) kemasan 25 kg yang langsung dapat larut secara homogen bila aspal beserta kantong tersebut diolah di Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP). Pengemasan Aspal Kantong (Bag) ini dilakukan melalui fasilitas pabrik yang menempati lahan seluas + 2.000 m2 yang berlokasi di Cirebon dan dilengkapi dengan peralatan yang memadai. Untuk Unit usaha Jaya Trade di bidang pemasaran aspal kantong (bag) ini dapat dihubungi pada : Unit pemasaran Aspal Kantong (Bag). Unit ini melayani kebutuhan aspal kantong (bag) dan beroperasi untuk daerah pemasaran DKI, Jabar, dan Banten.
    • Jl. Kramat Raya No.144 Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat