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Tractor Towed Stabilizers


The tractor-towed stabilizer  is used for soil stabilization. It is equipped with a mechanically driven milling and mixing rotor which mixes in the pre-spread binding agent uniformly across the full width.

Spesifikasi Produk

Model Working Widht working depth engine power of tractor own weight WS 220 7' 1" 0 - 20 mm 150 kW / 201 HP 10,097 lbs   2,150 mm 0 - 500 mm 315 kW / 428 ps 22,900 kg


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    The two family businesses have been cooperating closely for many years: Streumaster – headquartered in Egglkofen, a small town in southern Germany – has been building spreaders for use in agriculture and the construction industry since 1967 and produces a range of mature lime and cement spreaders on WIRTGENs behalf.
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