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    • Lot 4, Persiaran Perusahaan, Seksyen 23, 40708 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan -

    • Hardley Industrial Estate Hardley Southampton

    • Jl. Sulawesi I Blok H-4-1, Kawasan Industri MM2100 Kab. Bekasi
    • +62 21 8980771
    • +62 21 8980775

    Our Loopco and Stamco precision slitters can slit material up to 52 inches wide, and run approximately 1000 FPM. It can slit up to 30 cuts at a time and keep within .002 to .003 width tolerance. Gauge control is monitored by a gamma ray scanner. The operator can track thickness throughout the entire coil. It also features an auto edge, dual injector and shimless slitting arbors. When it comes to delivering your product to you, Rolled Steel Products has their own fleet of trucks for your convenience and quick on time delivery.
    • 2187 S. Garfield Avenue Los Angeles

    Our company focus at UNISERV is precision steel-slitting – delivering a final product with quality assurance and exceptional service to our customers, that we are proud to put our name and reputation on. UNISERV has four operational slitting lines with exceptional gauge range capabilities from .010 inch up to .50 inch. Two packaging lines complete finished product production, and prepare materials for transport. All equipment receives proper maintenance to ensure smooth and efficient daily operation.
    Two state-of-the-art, Pro-Eco slitting lines - complete with in-line Kor-Flex and corrective levelers - deliver outstanding shape correction from .015 throught .250 gauge and provide quality that contributes to the consistency and reliability of your finished part.
    Precision coil steel slitting, often referred to as rolled steel slitting, is a process by which wide coils of metal are fed lengthwise through a slitter and cut into narrower coils. Each of the finished widths is known as a strand, and is recoiled to produce a finished width narrow slit coil. As a leader in metal processing and slitting, you can trust Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. to provide precision coil slit products in a variety of metals and widths...for a wide range of industries. You can choose from our inventory or bring us yours. Either way, we can meet your precise requirements with coil slit: as narrow as .250 inches as wide as 48.00 inches
    • 4764 Topps Industrial Parkway Willoughby

    Knauf AMF Antwerp Slitter is prepared to slit a variety of different materials for you. Our 6,000 m² facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art slitter, a fully automated packing line and two overhead cranes, each capable of handling 25,000 kg coils. Our highly skilled slitting teams handle a wide range of materials with the utmost professionalism. We are ISO 9001 certified and operate a fully integrated quality management system. Knauf AMF Antwerp Slitter guarantees the highest level of customer satisfaction by maintaining high quality standards throughout every aspect of our operation.
    • Narvikstraat 2, Haven 104 Haven 104

    4tk Maximum Input coil Weight 3tk Maximum Output coil weight 6mm Minimum slit width (maximum number of slits dictated by gauge) 400mm Maximum pre-slit width 0.1mm min Gauge 305mm, 406mm, 457mm and 508mm Produced Inside Diameters
    • Polo Grounds Industrial Estate New Inn

    Ohio Slitting & Storage provides full slitting and storage services as a recognized toll processor. In addition to normal truck service, we are situated on a direct line served by NS Rail and are capable of shipping and receiving by rail with our own transfer buggy. Full receiving and inspection reports, including photographs, are standard service. In addition to production run slitting, we provide small order service with a minimum order charge of $400. Low carbon steels is our specialty, but we do have the capability for higher strength steel up to 80 yield. Coil thickness ranges from .015" to .250", in widths from .80" to 72". Our slitting process also includes x-ray gauge and in-line leveling. Packaging to all customer specifications is also available.  Our storage is climate controlled with 60,000 square feet of production floor space.  The facility features a drive through truck area for loading and unloading and four recessed back-in docks.