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ConstruSteel Planning Software

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      Nesting Module: Profile Nesting Linked with the project management and / or production management modules.This software establishes between the connection of production office and the workshop. Application for  sections ( I, U, L, H..) CNC machines and profile stocks.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123

    Nesting Module: PLate Nesting This software establishes between the connection of production office and the workshop. Application for plates, CNC machines and stocks reservation.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123

    Production Management Linked with the production management module. This software establishes the connection between the production office and the workshop. Aplications for sections ( I, H, L, U...),plates & machines.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123

    CNC Management Module Linked with the project management and / or the production management modules, profile nesting and plate nesting. This software establishes the connection between the production office,the workshop and the CNC Machines. Application for sections ( I,U,H,L...) plates and CNC Machines.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123

    Layanan kami adalah pengujian yang baik, pemrosesan produksi, pengujian bawah permukaan, eksplorasi lapangan dan kegiatan pengembangan. Layanan kami menyediakan seluruh paket termasuk: pemisah, tangki, kompresor gas, pompa transfer, pengolahan air dan kamp portabel. Personel lapangan kami sangat terlatih dan berpengalaman dalam operasi darat maupun lepas pantai. Kami membuat dan merawat semua perlengkapan kami di bengkel kami dengan standar kesehatan, keselamatan dan kualitas tertinggi sehingga klien kami dapat memperoleh hasil yang akurat yang diperlukan untuk menentukan produktivitas dan pengolahan ladang minyak dan gas bumi. Kami menawarkan klien kami layanan outsourcing profesional yang menyediakan ilmuwan bumi berpengalaman, ahli geologi yang paling baik, insinyur pengeboran, insinyur waduk, insinyur produksi dan teknisi untuk industri hulu. Layanan berharga lainnya yang kami sediakan adalah penyewaan alat berat. Kami dapat menyediakan penyewaan crane lepas pantai untuk segala operasi di luar negeri termasuk pemasangan platform dan perombakan crane lengkap. Perbaikan derek melibatkan pemindahan derek dari platform untuk melakukan perbaikan yang diperlukan dan sebagai tambahan kami Berikan crane lain agar klien kami dapat terus beroperasi dengan downtime minimum. Pemeliharaan, suku cadang, panggilan darurat dan penyediaan operator derek yang dibutuhkan juga merupakan bagian dari layanan.
    • Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav. 18, Jakarta Selatan 12520 Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan
    • +62 21 5276711
    • +62 21 5276713

    Project Management: This module establishes the connection between the drawing office and production office. Application for sections ( I,H,U,L ) and plates.
    • Via Giacomo Matteotti, 25 Gazzada Schianno
    • +852 25446888
    • +852 25445123

    Our PlanningForce Business Suite allows project-driven organizations to optimize the use of their resources. What makes PlanningForce so unique and valuable? With PlanningForce, PMO’s and Top Managers will benefit from the most advanced planning and scheduling tools to help them: Qualify & quantify their project and resource portfolios Imagine & simulate different working scenarios Compare & select the ones that best matches their goals Update & adapt the plan to take account of progress and events Track history & analyze results to learn from the past
    • Chaussée de Nivelles 121/2 Sennefe

    Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Software Reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times by up to 90% Reduce errors, improve accuracy with cash flow forecasting software Produce timely reporting and analysis, including what-if scenarios Deliver frequent rolling forecasts with sales forecasting software Better, faster, more-informed business decisions Revenue planning and sales forecasting software
    • 3350 W. Bayshore Road, Suite 200 Palo Alto

    1. Improves the efficiency of production activities by sharing quickly-calculated target production volumes between departments The software automatically calculates target production volumes from the sales plans from each product group. As the system makes the necessary adjustments while analyzing the volume of received orders, it increases the precision of production quotas. According to these set target production volumes, the system will organize production lines for the production department, in addition to adjusting production sequencing and confirming the available components in stock. For the sales department, the system will handle the generation of orders. It will also make arrangements for the procurement department to secure the necessary parts, including those that will be needed in the long-term, to ensure that all components will be in stock. By employing a production process in which precise target production volumes are constantly shared between every department, companies are able to make significant improvements to their production efficiency. 2. Eliminates overburden, inconsistencies, and waste in production through level-loaded production that reflects the actual volume of orders received In level-loaded production(1), which aims to make daily production activities and volumes consistent, it becomes difficult to adjust production to quickly reflect the actual number of received orders, which change on a daily basis. As GLOVIA/SCP FA PSI Collaborator allows users to quickly check certain indicators—including the production consistency of each model of a product, customer progress, and the inventory status of components—the system enables users to achieve consistent production levels while handling unexpected orders at the same time. 3. Simple and easy-to-use operating environment In addition to a PSI(2) sheet that is similar to regularly-used spreadsheet software, the program's interface includes an easy-to-read order accumulation graph, as well as a user-friendly ordering list. The interface is simple and easy-to-use, allowing users to handle and check information freely.
    • Shiodome City Center 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi Minato-ku

    ConstruSteel ERP software is taking care of cost estimating, planning, project management, CRM, HRM, budget control, bookkeeping, business administration, time control by touchpanel pc's during fabrication, time control app for erection, etc.

    ConstruSteel MRP is a software solution for FPA: Flexible Production Automation. ConstruSteel MRP is taking care of job preparation, material nesting (bar nesting and plate nesting), CAD/CAM links to CNC machines, postprocessing, logistics, stock management, production time calculation, simulation of fabrication, track and trace / traceability, quality insurance, etc.

    The modular structure offers a great advantage; it is not necessary to buy the whole ERP software -suite at once. A company can perfectly start with one of our bundles or modules and expand gradually. In this way the investment can be spread over several years and the software can grow with the demands of the company.
    Deploy Tenrox Cloud-based Project Planning software in minutes not months to rediscover simplicity and ease of use. While other project planning tools keep adding bloated complex seldom used functions we work hard every day to eliminate them. Our goal is to help you create, change and share your project plans faster. Our tool is totally integrated with all Tenrox modules, and Tenrox project plans are totally interchangeable with Microsoft Project.   Planning a project using conventional project planning software tools is a major challenge for today's decentralized and globally dispersed project teams. Whether the projects you are planning and tracking are billable or internal, you are dealing with what we refer to as the project workforce. Tenrox project planning software provides you with a simple, effective cloud-based alternative to heavy, complex, hard to learn and hard to use project planning tools.
    • 275 Boul. Armand-Frappier Laval