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Jl.Perjuangan No.8 RT 004/006 Cikarang Barat Kab. Bekasi Jawa Barat Indonesia

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Besi Plat Gulungan (Hot Rolled Coil ), Besi Lembaran Tahan Karat (Stainless), Besi Lembaran Tahan Karat (Stainless), Besi kanal C / CNP (Roll Forming) , Besi Lembaran Tahan Karat (Stainless), Al (Alumina ), Besi Pipa Bulat (Erw), Besi Pipa Kotak Persegi Empat (Erw), Guard rail Type W, Besi Pipa Spiral, Besi Expanded sheet metal, Besi Dek Lantai, Besi Plat Lembaran Kisi Kisi, Besi Plat ( Hot rolled ), Besi Siku Sama Sisi (Bending), Besi Profil IWF / H Beam (Welded), Round bent bolt, Besi Kawat Di Galvanis, Paku Biasa, Besi Kawat Paku, Besi Kawat Bendrat/Kawat Lunak (Anealed), Besi Kawat Baja karbon Rendah (Low Carbon), Jaring Kawat Baja Las dari kawat Polos (Lembaran), Besi Profil King Cross (fabrikasi dari profil H section - Hot Rolled), Transportasi, Besi Siku Sama Sisi (Hot rolled), Besi Ulir (Hot Rolled), Besi Bulat (Hot Rolled), Besi Pipa Kotak persegi Panjang (Erw), Besi Bulat (Hot Rolled), Jaring Kawat Baja Las dari kawat ulir (Gulungan), Atap baja Lembaran (Roof sheeting), Atap baja Lembaran (Roof sheeting), Atap baja Lembaran (Roof sheeting), Atap baja Lembaran (Roof sheeting), Besi Dek Jembatan, Anchor bolt, Besi Siku Tidak Sama Sisi (Bending), Sag rod, Produk Besi Baja

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Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No. 105G Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat DKI Jakarta Indonesia

PT. Gunung Raja Paksi's (GRP) plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee its quality sheets and a wide range of sizes demanded by the plate market today Established in late 2001 PT. Gunung Raja Paksi is in charge of producing flat steel products consisting of plates (sheet) and coils. It has combined annual production capacity of 2.800.000 tons of wide range of hot rolled flat products. Quality control laboratory of PT. Gunung Raja Paksi is fully equipped with the latest testing machines and facilities to cater to international testing requirements. The lab is certified by local and international certifying organizations. In order to provide value added products to our customers, PT. Gunung Raja Paksi has installed a new continuous roller hearth normalizing furnace. This added facility is the only one of its kind in entire South East Asia. Our mission of continuous improvement has always motivated us to develop new grades and products to satisfy our valued customers. GRP has service center divisions that supports its production and services : Coil Service CenterThe Coil Service Center (CSC) covers fabrication for Hot Rolled Coil with wide range of customization including Cut to length, Leveling, Skin Pass and Slitting Plate Service CenterThe Plate Service Center (PSC) covers fabrication for Hot Rolled Steel Plate with its state of the art machinary including Cut to shape, Bending, Drilling, Punching, Shearing, Stamping Forming Service CenterThe Forming Service Center (FSC) covers fabrication for Cold Formed Products such as C-Channel, Electric Pole, Equal Angle, Floor Deck, Guard Rail, Lipped Channel, Hollow Section, etc Bar Service CenterThe Bar Service Center (BSC) covers fabrication for Round Steel Bar and Rod Bracing service provided includes Bending, Cut to Length, Threading, Welding

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