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Nama Lain ABREX-400/450/500 AND WELTEN SERIES

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The WEL-TEN AR Series and the WEL-HARD Series from the former Nippon Steel and the SUMIHARD Series from the former Sumitomo Metal are all widely used abration resistant steel plates which meet the needs for higher strength steel for applications in construction and other types of industrial machinery. We are proud to introduce the new ABREX series, with 4 standard options of abration resistant steel plate in addition to 3 extra tough options. Abrex Series divided with 2 types, standard types and extra tough type. Standard Types consist of (Abrex 400, 450, 500, 600) and Extra Tough Type (Abrex 400LT, 450LT, 500LT) which has excellent performance in low temperature. The use of abration resistant ABREX steel plate markedly reduces the weight of structural members exposed to severe abrasive conditions. Compared with regular steel, ABREX steel plate reduces structural weight and delivers economic merits. Adoption of high performance abration resistant ABREX will prolong the service life of machinery and components.

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