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Tracked Aspalt Paver

Nama Lain Tracked Aspalt Paver

Product Description

In the cold recycling process, the bound and unbound layers of the pavement structure are milled at full depth and recycled by adding new binding agents and additives to produce a stable layer capable of withstanding traffic loads. As a pioneer, WIRTGEN has played a vital role right from the start in promoting this environmentally friendly method. Hot recycling involves the rehabilitation of bituminous surface courses – a job that the WIRTGEN Remixer completes in a single pass. In the process, the asphalt pavement is softened, recycled with binding agents and supplementary mix, and then placed again immediately true to grade and slope.

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Nama Produk : Tracked Aspalt Paver
Nama Brand : wirtgen
Kondisi Produk : Baru
Jenis Transaksi : Jual
Minimal Jumlah Pesan : Data Belum Tersedia
Harga : Data Belum Tersedia
Syarat Pembayaran : Data Belum Tersedia
Kemampuan Pasokan : Data Belum Tersedia
Rincian Kemasan : Data Belum Tersedia
Waktu Pengiriman : Data Belum Tersedia
Ketentuan Pengiriman : -
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