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Nama Lain TIG Tungsten Electrode

Product Description

Thoriated Tungsten Advantageous :

  • 2% thoriated tungsten contain a nominal 2 wt % or thorium oxide (ThO2)
  • The most common type of electrode used today
  • Provides excellent resistance from weld pool contamination
  • offers the welder easier arc starting capabilities and a more stable arc
  • Generally used for DC electrode negative or straight polarity applications such as Carbon, Stainless steels, Nickel alloys and Titanium


Pure Tungsten Advantageous :

  • Contain a minimum of 99.5 wt % tungsten with no other alloying elements
  • Allows the tip to form a clean, balled end which provides good arc stability
  • Can be used with DC but not easy for arc starting
  • Generally used in the welding of Aluminum and Magnesium alloys (AC)


Lanthanated Tungsten Advantageous :

  • Similar to Thoriated Tungsten
  • Welders can easily replace the radioactive material from Thoriated with this tungsten without changing welding programs
  • Less tip erosion
  • Suitable for AC Welding


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