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Having in the industry for so many years, KCT offers you the best service for Heavy & Utility Equipment Rental. Our trained, experienced and certified operators will ensure safe and smooth operation and minimize your non-productive time. KCT maintains its equipments with the highest applicable standards to keep their performance always on top, including MIGAS/MINERBA PABUM certification for mandatory equipments in compliance to the prevailing Indonesian regulations. Its Preventive Maintenance Program will help you reduce costly down time and maximize your productivity. Its workshop facility in sentul, West Java is very well equipped for maintenance and repair of its equipments. KCT also provides back up units, ensuring your operation undisturbed during major over hauls or any undesired down time. KCT aims to exceed its client’s expectation, delivering the best quality service amongst competitors and keep its leading position in the industry.

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Nama Produk : Excavators
Nama Brand : Kharisma Citatunggal
Kondisi Produk : Baru
Jenis Transaksi : Sewa
Minimal Jumlah Pesan : Data Belum Tersedia
Harga : Data Belum Tersedia
Syarat Pembayaran : Data Belum Tersedia
Kemampuan Pasokan : Data Belum Tersedia
Rincian Kemasan : Data Belum Tersedia
Waktu Pengiriman : Data Belum Tersedia
Ketentuan Pengiriman : -
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KOMPlEK GRAHA CEMPAKA MAS BlOK D-32 Jl. Letjen Suprapto JAKARTA ,Kota Adm. Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta

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