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Bow Shackle

Nama Lain Crosby

Product Description

G-2130 / S-2130 G-2130 Bolt Type Anchor shackles with thin head bolt – nut with cotter pin. Meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271F Type IVA, Grade A, Class 3, except for those provisions required of the contractor. For additional information, see page 444. Crosby bolt type shackles Capacities 1/3 thru 150 metric tons, grade 6. Working Load Limit and grade “6” permanently shown on every shackle Forged – Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins Hot Dip galvanized or Self Colored. (85, 120, and 150 metric ton shackles are all hot dip galvanized bows and the bolts are Dimetcoted® and painted red) Fatigue rated (1/3t – 55t). Shackles 25t and larger are RFID EQUIPPED Approved for use at -40 degree C (-40 degree F) to 204 degree C (400 degree F). Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26 Shackles 85 metric tons and larger are individually proof tested to 2.0 times the working load limit Shackles 120 metric tons and larger are proof tested, Magnetic Particle Inspected and provided with Serialized Pin and Bow. Type Approval and certification in accordance with ABS 2006 Steel Vessel Rules 1-1-17.7, and ABS Guide for Certification of Cranes 3.1 Certification as standard available for charpy and statistical proof test for pg 79 only up to 25 tons to DNV2.7-1 and EN13889. Crosby 2t through 25t G2130 anchor shackles are type approved to DNV Certification Notes 2.7-1- Offshore Containers. These Crosby shackles are statistical proof and impact tested to 42 joules (31 ft-lbs.) min. ave. at -20 degree C (-4 degree F). The tests are conducted by Crosby and 3.1 test certification is available upon request. Refer to page 76 for Crosby COLD TUFF® shackles that meet the additional requirements of DNV rules for certification of lifting applications – Loose Gear. All other 2130 and all 2150 shackles can meet charpy requirements of 42 joules (31 ft-lbs) avg at -20 degree C (-4 degree F) upon special request. Look for the Red Pin® . . . the mark of genuine Crosby quality

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Nama Produk : Crosby
Nama Brand : Cakra Satria Pratama
Kondisi Produk : Baru
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