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Side Laoder Forklift

Nama Lain Side Loading Forklift Truck

Product Description

TD Series side loading forklift truck, rated load capacity: 2500kg, lift hieght: 7200mm, used for long material transportation; 1. The lift cylinder with buffering function, to ensure the goods' safety during the lift and down; 2. All electric connector with water-proof and dust-proof design; 3. Better Stability; 4. Side battery loading design, easy to change and maintanin the battery; 5. Use Vertical drive cell to Increase the working life; 6. Ergonomics design and shock absorption configuration, with more comfortable operation; 7. Buffering design for lift cylinder, to imporve the function of mast in lifting and downing,to ensure the safe for products; 8. Electromagnetism braking with Lose-electric type have reliable braking result, it's can easy to make the parking brake safely; 9. Battery with side-pulling function, easy to change and maintenance.

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Nama Produk : Side Loading Forklift Truck
Nama Brand : Mima
Kondisi Produk : Baru
Jenis Transaksi : Jual
Minimal Jumlah Pesan : Data Belum Tersedia
Harga : Data Belum Tersedia
Syarat Pembayaran : Data Belum Tersedia
Kemampuan Pasokan : Data Belum Tersedia
Rincian Kemasan : Data Belum Tersedia
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