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Abrasion resistance Epoxy Paint

Nama Lain NOVA SUPERECO Epoxy Heavy duty coating for repairs to water ballast tanks

Product Description

Due to the anticorrosive properties, tar epoxy coating materials were used in  continuously submerged conditions, often exposed to severe corrosive environments. With the increasing awareness of environmental issues and human health concerns, the current trend is elimination of the use of tar epoxy coatings, however, some existing ships have their water ballast tanks coated with tar epoxy coatings. When it comes to repairing these tanks, several pretreatment procedures such as sand blasting may be required prior to coating, resulting in high cost and in an increase in the number of processes.NOVA SUPERECO not only contributes to cost savings and achievement of fewer processes but also provides benefits in reducing VOC, safety and health aspects. This light coloured, high solids product exhibits excellence in anticorrosion performance and can also be used for repairing epoxy coatings.

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