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Waterjet Cutting Machine

Nama Lain HYDROCUT LX Waterjet Cutting Machine, ESABINDO PRATAMA

Product Description

The Hydrocut LX is a CNC shape-cutting machine that easily combines waterjet with other cutting and marking processes such as plasma cutting, plasma marking, oxy-fuel cutting, ink-jet marking or drilling

The machine uses a patented combination of thermal and non-thermal processes operating on the same gantry to cut with the high accuracy of waterjet where needed, but employs the high speed and low cost of plasma whenever possible.

By combining waterjet and plasma on the same machine, both tools can be used on the same parts. High-precision contours can be cut with waterjet, while non-critical contours can be cut with plasma. Parts that are suited for the waterjet-plasma combination can be cut in a fraction of the time.

The Hydrocut LX is a heavy-duty gantry with a high-stiffness beam design featuring dual-precision linear rails and precision rack and pinion drives. It covers large working areas and full size sheets.

Equipped with the latest in waterjet cutting technology, the Hydrocut LX features KMT’s 90,000 PSI capability for increased cutting speed and reduced abrasive consumption.

For precision plasma cutting, the machine can be equipped with ESAB’s m3 Plasma® system to optimise cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium using the most advanced gas control system in the industry, fully automated by the machine control. 

The Hydrocut LX is equipped with ESAB’s Vision® T5 touch-screen CNC featuring an integrated process-control database that makes process setup quick and easy.

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