Beam Driling Machine

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Beam drilling machine

FICEP has manufactured this machine for more than thirty years and it has become one of the benchmarks for every machine tool manufacturer.

Automatic CNC beam line for drilling shaped and flat profiles. FICEP Excalibur is the first monospindle gantry drilling line to process beams for the steel construction industry working with the cantilever system. The machine is hanging on and moves along its loading table. This simple and brilliant solution to small and mid-size steel

Thanks to a set of wheels mounted on bearings, the drilling unit main body slides on a sturdy support crossing the loading table.

This support is equipped with a rack that and pinion that guarantees the machine precise movement. An electro-mechanical sensor surveys the piece origin and allows to start the working cycle. The piece to be processed does not move and it's strongly clamped in the working position by an automatic double-effect hold-down (top and bottom clamping).


  • Reduced footprint. The Excalibur only requires 50% of the space of a conventional beam drilling line.
  • No manual programming is required. The CNC automatically handles the programming of drilling, pointing, tapping, countersinking, milling (Excalibur 12) and scribing (Excalibur 12) operations.
  • No set up. The Excalibur features not one but two hydraulic clamps that are positioned automatically as part of the movable spindle assembly. This eliminates any requirement for the operator to clamp the piece manually.
  • Easy material loading. The parts to be processed can be positioned anywhere along the length of the table datum as the system automatically locates the piece origin prior to drilling.
  • Versatility. Short pieces can be placed along the table in multiples, thereby allowing the operator to continually rotate pieces while the system is drilling.
  • The excellent productivity. Excalibur typically generates the production of 8 to 10 employees with manual methods.
  • High drilling performances. Drilling up to 40mm holes. The spindle’s 3500 RPM speed allow the use of high performance carbide insert tools that require higher spindle feeds and speeds.(Excalibur 12).
  • Remote system diagnostics. FICEP control system features remote diagnostic capability. Through a simple phone or network connection, our service support team can perform the same diagnostic routines that we could perform if we were standing at your drill.
  • Automatic compensation for out of square sections. The material probe contact location is totally programmable. This, in conjunction with our software for out of square sections, eliminates the need for the operator to try to determine where the section’s zero point is located and then have to manually manipulate the CNC program. This feature can also be used to address sections that have been coped prior to drilling.
  • Positioning accuracy. The spindle axes positioning is guaranteed by ball screw and CNC controlled servo-motor, the spindle-holding carriage slides on self-lubricating high precision prismatic guides.
  • Drills can be internally and/or externally lubricated thanks to a centralised pressure system installed on board of the machine.
  • The machine moves over the floor level without interfering with drill chips or with anything else lying on the floor.
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