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Jl Raya Sultan Agung Km 27 Pondok Ungu Medan Satria Kota Bekasi Jawa Barat Indonesia



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Cat pelindung Api (Fire Protection Paint), Thinner, Shop Primer Paints, Alkyd - Primer Coat Paint, Alkyd - Intermediate Coat Paint, Alkyd - Finish Coat Paint, Chlorinated Rubber - Intermediate Coat Paint, Chlorinated Rubber - Finish Coat Paint, Abrasion resistance Epoxy Paint, Epoxy Glass flake Paint, Epoxy Mastic Paint, Epoxy Paint, Epoxy Primer Paint, Epoxy Sealer tie Coat Paint, Phenolic Epoxy Paint, Polyamide adduct cured Epoxy Paint, Pure Epoxy Paint, Solvent free Epoxy Paint, Polyurethane - Finish Coat Paint, Inorganic Zinc Silicate Paint, Self polishing Antifouling Paint


Cat Acrylic (Acrylic Paint)

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Epoxy Paint, Fouling Release paint, Shop Primer Paints

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OverviewHEMPEL is present in the Indonesian market since 1976.HEMPEL built on the brand name, and made it as a market leader in the eld of marine and protective coatings.In 2001, all activities of HEMPEL including manufacturing, sales and distribution merged to form one company –PT Hempel Indonesia. This included the branch offices in Balikpapan (Kalimantan), Medan (Sumatera)  and Surabaya (East Java).Products and Services Protective CoatingsHeat resistant coatings, tank linings, structural steel protection system zinc silicates, epoxies, poly-urethanes acrylics, Passive Fire Protection and Floor Coating. The whole range of protective coatings is locally produced and supported.Many projects turn to HEMPEL in partnership, looking for lasting and carefree solutions to their corrosion problems.Marine CoatingsHEMPEL Serviced the eets of Indonesia already well before the formal establishment of the company in the country. Ship-yards, -owners and –operators alike have learned to appreciate the added value of HEMPEL’s dedicated Coating Advisor.The challenges presented by the new IMO regulations regarding ballast tank coatings (improve protection) and anti-fouling (become environmentally more acceptable) have been translated by HEMPEL’s technician into advanced technology products to meet stringent requirements. The latest invention is the GLOBIC series of patented anti-fouling products. This range of products, already applied on > 700 vessels worldwide, combine micro-ber technology with advance binder chemistry and environmentally friendly anti-fouling agents. Container CoatingsHEMPEL prides itself to have supplied the coatings for a third of the world’s container eet. Also in Indonesia, the container manufacturers have been supported by HEMPEL in the production of containers for major international shipping lines and leasing companies.Technical ServiceHEMPEL Indonesia provides an extensive local technical service support. HEMPEL Indonesia has the practical experience and knowledge required to actively participate in plant surveys, give advice on painting specications and carry out on-site technical service during the surfac e preparation and paint application phases. Issuing case reports and suggesting appropriate solutions are also natural parts of HEMPEL’s technical service. Hundreds of corrosion engineers, project supervisors, shipyard personnel, supervisory sta, from dozens of dierent companies, have passed through HEMPEL Indonesia’s training courses. HEMPEL ensures that customers always have access to its Technical Service personnel. HEMPEL’s Coating Advisor are well educated and specically trained to oer professional advice on all aspects of coatings. Certication programs followed include FROSIO (coatings), NACE (corrosion protection).

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