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Reach Trucks

Other Name Reach trucks R 10B-16B

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Electric Reach Trucks Capacity 1000 kg – 1600 kg (Series 1120-00) The 1120 B reach truck range with its lower investment and operating costs and performance parameters specifically designed for low to medium intensity narrow aisle applications, offers a superbly cost effective materials handling solution for small or growing businesses. A world first is the resiliently mounted operator's compartment which absorbs the shocks and vibrations from rough floors. The integrated, adjustable control console houses the compact steering wheel, electrically actuated hydraulic control joysticks and comprehensive, digital instrument display provides a superbly intuitive and fatigue-free working interface between the operator and the truck ensuring optimum efficieny and productivity. The height adjustable seat allowa each operator to select his own most comfortable driving position. The new, clear-view, standard and triplex tilt mast series (1500) covering the low and medium lift ranges and deliver exceptional stability with minimal deflection and oscillation for faster, safer load handling. The 1120 B range incorporates unique Linde design and performance features, which deliver the lowest cost per pallet handled every time.

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Product Name : Reach trucks R 10B-16B
Brand Name : Linde
Product Condition : Baru
Transaction Type : Jual
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