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Reach Trucks

Other Name Reach trucks R 14G-20G

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Electric Reach Trucks Capacity 1400 kg – 2000 kg (Series 1120-00) The versatile Linde ‘G’ series of reach trucks provides the perfect solution to work on less than perfect external and internal surfaces. For example carrying out pallet transfer and lorry loading/unloading tasks. With its large cushion tyres and innovative drive-unit suspension it is able to carry out this multi-purpose role with ease, on sites where previously it would have been necessary to employ two different types of truck. The superb new Linde ‘G’ range sets new industry standards for operator comfort, safety, productivity and low operating and handling costs. A world first is the resiliently mounted operator’s compartment, which absorbs the shocks and vibrations from uneven surfaces. The fully adjustable air suspension seat automatically adjusts to the operator’s weight and every operator is able to select their preferred operating posture. This provides a superlative, intuitive and fatigue-free working interface between the operator and the truck for optimum productivity and efficiency. The new clear-view, tilting mast series offers exceptional stability with minimal deflection and oscillation for faster, safer load handling. For those multi-task indoor/outdoor applications involving narrow aisle storage the Linde ‘G’ series provides the optimum productive and cost effective solution.

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