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With your participation in the Forum, will provide benefits to you, where you can learn, teach, and communicate with the and buyers and sellers who become members in

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Each person is free to participate in the discussion forum in as long as the topic of discussion was still in contact with the steel and iron.

Deleting a topic or reply

Once in post, topic or discussion can only be deleted by the forum moderators and administrators discussion. If you want to delete the topic in the post, please contact a moderator or contact in

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Other forum members can see your profile, Company Name and Product List if posting information in the discussion forum.

Regulation posting and moderation forum is a container that allows businesses to exchange business ideas, discuss business ideas and are looking for business resources. However we prevent the publication of certain topics that are considered not suitable for Forum.

Regulations Forum

  • Always maintain a polite and courteous in making Threads, Posts and Comments
  • Members of the forum must not violate copyright and intellectual person
  • Comments shall not contain personal attacks or commit acts of provocation
  • Forum only for the purpose of sharing information and education is not providing legal advice
  • Forum should not be used as a complaint and discredit among the members.
  • Forums are not allowed to discuss politics and religion
  • reserves the right to remove the thread and comments that are unrelated to the rules of the Forum
  • Violate the policies and regulations can result in suspension Forum Forum until the termination of the account

  • Be polite and courteous in making Threads and Commenting
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  • Citing sources when copying information from other media
  • Responsible for what you've written
  • Treat others with courtesy

Things you should not do:

  • Forbidden to post advertisements for any purpose
  • Forbidden to post trade leads into your posts, and personal articles
  • Prohibited hostile fellow member Forum
  • Prohibited libelous or comments that may violate the privacy of others
  • Prohibited use all capital letters when making a thread, posting and commenting