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Bajak Kuku Paralel (Parallelogram Ripper)


Parallelogram ripper  an excavating machine for loosening layers of frozen soil, rock (usually of medium strength), and artificial surfaces in layers using the tractive force of a prime mover. Rippers are used in construction together with other excavating machines to prepare foundation pits, canals, and trenches; they are also used for stripping work in open-pit mines.

Rippers are equipped with a trailer or mounted tined device with elements for attachment to the prime mover and a hydraulic drive. A distinction is made between three-armed, four-armed, and parallelogram mounted devices. Rippers may have remote adjustment for the angle, operating width, and depth of ripping. The working member of the ripper is a tooth with a replaceable tip and a wear-resistant protective covering. Modern rippers usually have a hydraulic drive to raise and lower the teeth, change the ripping angle of the tip of the tooth, control the mechanism that positions the arms, and change the spacing of the teeth. Some rippers have shock absorbers to reduce the transfer of peak dynamic loads to the prime mover and attachments for working with push tractors.

Spesifikasi Produk

Engine Flywheel Power

196 kW

Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT? Net Power - Cat

196 kW

Net Power - ISO 9249

196 kW

Net Power - SAE J1349

196 kW

Net Power - EEC 80/1269

196 kW


112 mm


149 mm


8.8 L

Undercarriage Track Shoe Type Double Grouser, Extreme Service Track Shoe Width - Standard

550 mm

Track Shoe Width - Optional

675 mm

Track Rollers - Each Side 7 Number of Shoes - Each Side 40 Track on Ground

2930 mm

Ground Contact Area - Standard Shoe

3.22 m2

Ground Contact Area - Optional Shoe

3.96 m2

Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe

85.5 kPa

Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe

69.5 kPa

Grouser Height - Double Grouser

49 mm

Track Gauge

2160 mm

Drive System Type Hydrostatic drive with infinite machine speeds up to 11 km/h (6.8 mph) Drive Pump Two, variable-displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps Track Motor Two, variable-displacement, bent axis piston motors Max System Pressure

45000 kPa

Hydraulic System - Implement Output - Maximum

346 L/min

Type Closed Center Load Sensing Relief Valve Setting

27500 kPa

Cycle Time - Raise

6.5 Seconds

Cycle Time - Dump

1.4 Seconds

Float Down

2.7 Seconds

Service Refill Capacities Fuel Tank

621 L

Cooling System

44 L

Crankcase (with Filter)

29 L

Final Drives (each)

28.5 L

Hydraulic system (Equipment, Power Train and Tank)

340 L

Hydraulic Tank

189 L

Pump Drive Box

3.8 L

Pivot Shaft

3 L

Electrical System Type 24V DC Battery Capacity 1400 CCA Battery Voltage 12 Battery Quantity 2 Alternator 95 amp, Heavy-Duty, Brushless Weights Operating Weight

28058 kg

Shipping Weight - without Bucket

25400 kg

Buckets Capacity - General Purpose

3.21 m3

Capacity - Multi-Purpose

3.05 m3

Bucket Width - General Purpose

2910 mm

Bucket Width - Multi-Purpose

2868 mm

Ripper Specifications Type Parallelogram Number of pockets 3 Overall Width/Beam

2200 mm

Shank cross section 74 x 175 mm 2.9 x 6.9 in Ground Clearance

888 mm


397 mm

Ripping Width

1840 mm

Cylinders - Bore

130 mm

Cylinders - Stroke

236 mm

Addition to Machine Length due to Ripper (in Transportation Position)

586 mm

Ramp Angle

28.5 Degrees

Ripper weight (with 3 shanks)

1700 kg

Penetration Force at ground level

100 kN

Standards ROPS/FOPS ROPS/FOPS Brakes Brakes Cab Cab

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