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Core Drilling Rig


The multifunctional drilling rig can be available for various anchoring engineering, high pressure jet grouting pile, horizontal rotary jet, pipe roof and other infrastructure projects. This drilling equipment is mainly used for deep foundation excavation, anti-floating anchor, mini cast-in-place pile, micro steel pipe pile, precipitation well and geothermal construction.

Spesifikasi Produk

Basic Parameter Drilling Diameter (mm) 150-250 Stake Diameter (mm) Single: 400-600, double: 600~1200, triple: 800-1600 Drilling Depth (m) 150-180 Drill Rod Diameter/Casting Diameter (mm) 73, 89, 108, 127, 133, 140 Drill Rod Angle (°) 0-90 Rotary Head Parameter Output Rotary Speed (r/min) 10, 20, 25 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 120, 140 Output Torque (N.m) 7000 Stroke (mm) 3600 Feeding Stroke (mm) 1500 Lifting Power (kn) 62 Lifting Speed (m/min) 0-1.4 (stepless adjustable), 7, 18, 26 Feeding Force (kn) 32 Feeding Speed (m/min) 2.8, 14, 36, 51 Overall Parameter Input Power (Electromotor) (kw) 55+18.5+2.2 Dimension Transportation State (L × W × H ) (mm) 12500 × 2250 × 2500 Construction State (L × W × H ) (mm) 10000 × 3650 × 3200 Weight (kg) 9000 Walking parameter Walking Manner Crawler belt Climbing Angle (°) 10 Track Ground Pressure (kPa) 50.1 Walking Speed (km/h) 0.4 Rotary Parameter Rotary Manner Autorotation Rotary Framework Swing bearing Location Mode Locating pin Auxiliary Parts Crawler Belt Chassis Standard configuration Hoist Standard configuration


Applications of Drilling Equipment

1. In the mineral deposit exploration, especially the non-ferrous and rare metal exploration, the tunnel drilling rigs are used for ore deposits searching, exploration and reconnaissance of geologic structure ore body as well as sampling and verification.

2. The engineering drilling rigs are applied to geotechnical foundation constructions, including building base, plant foundation, high-speed rail base and road infrastructure.

3. The drilling equipment is generally used to drill observation wells, vent holes, drain holes, gas drainage hole, grouting hole, blasting holes, anchor holes and the pilot hole.

4. In other areas of geotechnical engineering, the tunnel drilling rig and technology can be used for slope strengthening of dam foundation, governance of geological disasters, deep excavation pit supporting, as well as underground constructions at the aspects of industrial, commercial, transport and military.

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